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I have taken over the task here before. There is a peculiar secret place thousands of miles away. That secret place is quite special. It can swallow cultivators of all levels, and once you fall into it, you can\’t come out again. Said overcast.

Heavenly evil ghost bat… This is the battle beast of the demon god clan master, ranking fortieth among the desolate beasts. The demon god clan master once fed it some special things, making its strength much stronger than the rest of the demon god clan master. , Not much weaker than Lord Tiger. Ling Xuanhao said.Grandpa fought against the demon god clan master? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.It\’s more than just a fight. I heard that there was a big fight a long time ago. In the end, my grandfather was slightly better and severely injured the demon god clan leader, but my grandfather was also injured. Ling Xuanhao said.When the two were talking, a strange wave of light appeared on the wings of the golden bat, and six sturdy men, covered with thick monsters and gods, emerged from the wave, except for the last one. The complexion was a little pale, but the faces of the others remained the same.Especially the man in the lead, although not the slightest power, but it gives people the feeling that it is like a thousand miles of Zhongyue, it is difficult to shake the slightest.This is the first demon god. The child demon can\’t. I participated in the last Hundred Clan Conference with my eldest brother. I broke through to 30. I haven\’t seen it in 300 years. This demon can\’t be more unfathomable. I\’m afraid this time he is prepared. It\’s going to hit the top ten. Ling Xuanhao said solemnly.Top Ten Impact…Shanghai stared at him, and through his keen perception, he could perceive some of the slight power aura overflowing from the demon\’s body. Feeling this power aura, he couldn\’t help taking a deep breath of cold air. It was a very strong and pure blood. strength.At least about 30%, among the descendants of ancient gods, at least the level of the fifth generation, and the bloodline concentration of the eldest brother Lingxuanjian, Shanghai has also noticed that it is about 26%, which is equivalent to the level above the sixth generation. That\’s it.The power of the descendants of gods originates from blood. The more pure the blood, the stronger the power, and the faster the cultivation and growth.Although I saw the seventeen demon gods three years ago, I didn’t pay too much attention to them at the time. Now when I saw them, Shanghai realized how strong this generation of the demon god clan was. Except for the first six, the remaining bloodlines were the weakest. Both reached about 22%, and they all entered the ranks of the sixth generation.As for the Lingshen line, except for the eldest brother Lingxuanjian who reached the sixth generation, the blood concentration of the rest, including the second brother, was only 19%, and the third brother was higher, reaching 21%, barely making it into the sixth generation. The ranks of the generations, but he is relatively young, and because of his obsession with all kinds of strange things these years, he can only be considered reluctant in his cultivation.In comparison, the spirit and god line is indeed inferior to the monster god clan in this generation.Lingxuan Sword, you finally appeared. The sixth child of the Demon God, Yao Wuyan, stared at the Lingxuan Sword with piercing anger, his eyes filled with anger that couldn\’t be eliminated.I\’ve never escaped, why did this finally come up?The eldest brother Ling Xuanjian stepped out of the protective cover, glanced at Yao Wuyan faintly, and then cast his eyes on the first sub-monster, \”It seems that your progress over the years is not small.\”You are not bad, but no matter how much you improve, you are no longer my opponent.The demon could not respond indifferently, and immediately said: \”In fact, you shouldn\’t come to this Hundred Races Conference. It is better to withdraw from the Hundred Races Conference. You are no longer eligible to compete for higher rankings and more resources. Why bother Come and die for nothing.\”If the previous sentence is a contempt for the eldest brother Lingxuanjian, then the latter sentence is aimed at the entire spirits. Some emotional children even plan to stand up, but just half a step out of the protective cover, the leg is slightly slightly Soft, almost collapsed to the ground.Naughty, retreat to me. The Fourth Elder yelled.

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