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Third brother, the basic magic skills are the foundation of the foundation. I plan to lay a solid foundation first, and then practice the rest of the magic skills. Shanghai said.He can’t tell that he has a complete basic magical skill. If it is spread out, it may cause a lot of trouble, and the fact that the Tianyu God Emperor’s burial place is located in the ancient land of Heavenly Hell cannot be spread out at will, otherwise it will Bring great catastrophe to the four wilderness areas.Okay! The third brother doesn\’t say anything, if you want to hone basic magic skills, you might as well go to your own secret realm to practice for a while. Lingxuanhao said.Self-Secret Realm?Yes! That is a strange place, you will know it as soon as you go in. Ling Xuanhao smiled mysteriously, obviously not willing to disclose too much.Yeah! Troubled the third brother to lead the way.Okay, but the third brother advises you, if you can\’t make it, you should give up immediately, and you will have a chance to enter in a month, understand? Don\’t force it, or your life may be in danger. Ling Xuanhao said.I understand. Shanghai nodded.Soon!Under the guidance of Lingxuanhao, he came to the top of a nearby Lingfeng. Compared with other places, it seemed quite deserted. Only four children from the sideline lined up at the entrance of the secret realm.Three brothers!The third brother is here.The four collateral children greeted Lingxuanhao enthusiastically when they saw Lingxuanhao. These four people did not look very big, but they were also four to five hundred years old. Meridian\’s abundant training resources, the aura of strength exuding from the four of them is extremely strong, and one of them even reached the level of heaven-defying.The third brother is here today, is it because he intends to challenge his secret realm? a young collateral child couldn\’t help asking.Cut, what do you know, the third elder brother has already passed the fourth floor, and has already broken the self, so he still needs to continue to challenge? An older collaborator curled his lips.Fourth floor… I have been here for three years before I passed the second floor… Now I plan to challenge the third floor… The young collaborator looked at Ling Xuanhao with full gazes. The color of admiration.Only those who have experienced the secret realm know how abnormal this secret realm is. It is said that there are ten levels at the highest, but so far, the highest of this generation has only broken the fifth level. As for the sixth level, there is no one in this generation. Entered.The eighth brother is going to have a try, I came with him. Ling Xuanhao smiled.Myna?It turns out to be a myna from the Hui clan. The four collateral children hurriedly nodded to Shanghai, showing friendly smiles.

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