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In an instant, Ming Yuyan felt her heart shrink slightly. Although Shanghai\’s death was not caused by her, it had a slight indirect relationship with her.

In addition to his qualifications, Yuan Ao’s strength is also extremely terrifying. It ranks first among the same generation in Silver Sky City. Even the patriarch who has practiced for many years, many of them are not his opponents. Now they have been beaten. He was seriously injured, and a leg was abolished, and in the end he could only escape back with a very costly secret method.Who did it?The people present are no different from thinking.Aoer! Who did it? Who hurt you like this?Yuan Tianjue’s eyes were cracking, and his body revealed an extremely cold killing intent. The semi-holy master level power that shook out made the hall throb and trembled. If he were not trying to suppress it, I am afraid that the entire hall would be affected by this force. Rushed to pieces.Just now, City Lord Yuan Tianjue has already checked, Yuanao’s injury is second. The key is that he was broken a leg when he was performing a secret method that paid a huge price. If it is an ordinary time, the broken leg can be recovered. Coming over, but it was cut off when the secret technique was being used, and even the heaven and earth gods could not recover.This also meant that Yuan Ao wouldn\’t be able to recover that broken leg in the future.Of course, this is not the most serious.The most serious is the consequences of the secret technique used by Yuanao. After the injury is restored, his realm will fall back to the venerable level. It is hard to say whether he can return to the venerable level in the future, but with the current incomplete body, It is almost impossible to reach a higher level.In other words, Yuan Ao\’s highest cultivation level in the future can only reach the peak of the king. In his lifetime, he may have a chance to step into the semi-sage master level.Compared with the original opportunity to step into the level of the Holy Lord, Yuan Ao is considered useless, from an extremely outstanding generation to an ordinary mediocrity.City Lord Yuan Tianjue poured his hopes and everything on Yuan Ao. Now his most beloved son is injured like this. He did not burst out on the spot. He was already very restrained. Looking at Yuan Jue’s injury, He was heartbroken and hated.Father, you want to avenge me… Yuan Ao roared, with a grim face, two lines of tears oozing out of his eyes. He knew his injury better than anyone else. He was almost useless in this life. The realm of the Holy Lord is nowhere to be found.Negative emotions such as hatred, regret, resentment, etc. filled Yuan Hou\’s body.What\’s going on? Who hurt you? Yuan Tianjue said solemnly.As the lord of a city, he controls his emotions very well. Even though his eyes have spewed out angry flames, he still maintains a point of calmness. He also knows the strength of his son and can hurt him so much. At least it is a figure of the semi-Holy Lord level.It\’s a foreign guy who made people steal a bracelet from a royal prince. When the child learned about it, he went to enforce the law. This person didn\’t follow and attacked us secretly. Under the carelessness of the child, he was hurt by his sneak attack. This person\’s heart The thinking is extremely vicious, and under repeated attacks, the child was hit hard by it…Father, you must avenge the child… Yuan Ao wailed.Yuan Tianjue\’s cheeks twitched and he didn\’t say a word. Instead, he looked at Yuan Ao. He knew his son best, and it was definitely not that simple.How strong is the opponent?At the level of Venerable Fantian, he has a divine weapon. Yuan Ao said.

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