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Shen Ling, who returned to Zhongyi Hou\’s house, just saw the people in a hurry. She immediately returned to her boudoir, covered her face in the quilt, hot and hot, and disappeared for a long time.

However, Li Siyu obviously underestimated Wei Panpan\’s psychological tolerance. \”OK, where have you learned now?\” she asked after pulling Li Siyu\’s book. Li Siyu pointed it out to her, and the two immediately began to enter the learning state. It has to be said that Wei Panpan\’s Russian grammar is very standard, and it is easier for people to understand than professional teachers. Li Siyu also has a basic knowledge of Russian. He didn\’t have time and energy to learn before, so he learned half of it. Now that she has a chance, she will certainly work hard. Wei Panpan was also surprised at Li Siyu\’s learning ability, and his foundation was very good. It seems that he should not have intention at ordinary times, otherwise he won\’t need to make up lessons. \”You are doing well now. If you work hard in the future, you will get good results when you graduate from this major.\” Wei Panpan sighed. She really didn\’t expect that Li Siyu could learn so well without special emphasis on Teaching Russian now. \”I just need to be fluent in dialogue. There are no other requirements.\” Li Siyu also has her own plan. She can\’t chew too much. She still needs to learn a lot. Chapter 264 shows that Li Siyu is still looking forward to the winter vacation, because what he has to do is very important. \”That\’s easy.\” Wei Panpan didn\’t find it difficult for her request at all. Because Li Siyu has a good foundation in his homework, he teaches very smoothly and has no difficulty at all. The two will discuss Russian courses after class or in their spare time every day. Li Siyu has made great progress. But she has other courses to learn, so she can\’t learn too well at all. Originally, her goal was to be fluent in dialogue. Now it\’s good to learn like this. \”Classmate Li, do you still have that small bracelet?\” Xiao AI asked quietly in front of Li Siyu. \”Don\’t you have two? More?\” Li Siyu looked at her in surprise. Before, there were bracelets in the first batch of jewelry, so Xiao AI bought them. Later, she only sold hairpins, but she didn\’t sell jewelry again. Xiao AI blushed and didn\’t say much. He just urged: \”yes, I want one similar to this.\”

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