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Yes, Shen Ling said in a soft voice, the imperial doctor said that my bones are a little bad, so I use medicinal diet to recuperate my body.

He is already bald (like the author). With this pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose, he looks like a scholar. He looked at the newspaper in his hand and fell into deep thought. Then he said to the man standing in front of him, \”let that Li Siyu come over and I\’ll talk to her.\” it\’s just a little girl film. He doesn\’t believe it can\’t be corrected. Liu Yi can\’t be corrected. Then he came to have a good look at the small soldier sent by Deputy Secretary Zhang. Chapter 201 the fate of the winery Li Siyu looks at the two men blocking the road in front of him. These are acquaintances. They come to block every visit. Can you change two people? Are these the only two people in the winery? \”Two eldest brothers, what a coincidence. I met again.\” Li Siyu said to them with a smile. \”What\’s the coincidence? The factory director asked you to go there. Hurry up?\” the leading man said impatiently. It\’s a coincidence that a fart old girl asks them to come and run errands every time. She invites such a little girl who doesn\’t know the greatness of heaven and earth. She\’s really not interested. Li Siyu heard that the factory director was looking for her, not the deputy factory director. Should there be some news this time? She quietly followed them to the winery. There was a man in the director\’s office, not even a secretary. Li Siyu watched the two men who brought her leave, and he generously walked to the factory director\’s desk. \”Hello, my name is Li Siyu.\” she smiled and looked at the person in front of her. The man is gentle. He doesn\’t look like a factory director. His temperament is more like a politician. \”I\’m Tang Hong, the director of the winery. Please sit down.\” he pointed to the chair in front of him and looked at the person opposite. The girl is a little too young. She looks only 18 years old. Is she really a soldier sent by Deputy Secretary Zhang? He had questions in his mind, but he didn\’t ask questions. At his level, he had long passed the stage of judging people by appearance. Therefore, Tang Hong didn\’t mean to despise her because she was young. Li Siyu can also see that he is really serious. It\’s a headache to meet such people, because they do everything seriously and never underestimate the enemy. It\’s too difficult to find weaknesses in such people. But she was not discouraged. Let\’s see what he meant first.

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