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Empress Dowager Cheng looked at Qinghe with a flushed face and frowned slightly, you really don\’t need a good rest.

Li Siyu: Oh, Ho, I\’m still a senior official. No wonder my temperament is different. Even if the appetite is too big, it is different from ordinary people. \”That\’s great! I think it\’s amazing that you became a secretary at such a young age.\” on flattery, Li Siyu really disagrees with everyone. Peng lingman smiled and waved his hand. \”The mayor has several secretaries, I\’m just one of them, and I have a secretary general above me.\” chapter 133 ridicules from the Secretary, \”Secretary Peng is modest.\” Peng lingman said, \”this is not humility. If you can stay here and work in the future, you will understand later.\” Li Siyu also wants to stay, Unfortunately, I\’m not sure. Another one, she has no backing. \”Alas, I wish I could learn something these days. I really don\’t dare to force others.\” Li Siyu is not modest. After all, at this time, she didn\’t know anyone and didn\’t have any great talent. How could she get here. Peng lingman looked at her seriously and said, \”anyone\’s efforts will be found. As long as you work hard, someone will find your flash.\” Oh, roar, this woman will encourage people. \”Excuse me.\” the two talked for a while. It was late, and Peng lingman went home. Her family has a house in the city, so she doesn\’t have to live in a dormitory. Seeing Peng lingman off, Li Siyu is walking back, and a dormitory door is opened. \”Are you new?\” a woman came out and looked up and down at Li Siyu. Li Siyu looked at the woman with some disdain in her eyes, but she politely replied, \”I came to study.\” as soon as a woman heard that she came to study, she was not interested. There are several students in this unit every year, and there are too few who can really stay.

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