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Hearing the speech, Mu Zhao glanced at him and said coldly, just a few days ago, some flowers and plants came. Please serve them.

Li Chengcai is so wronged. My sister-in-law doesn\’t remember that I\’m here. Li Siyu took him to the canteen. Originally, she was going to have a bread at noon, but Li Chengcai can\’t eat it. She can\’t take out the bread. She didn\’t go out today. It\’s hard to explain, so going to the canteen is the best way. \”Sister-in-law, I\’ll just have a hairy set meal.\” Li Chengcai is smart and ready to have a Wowotou and pickles. Li Siyu can\’t let him eat this. Why? Because she doesn\’t want to eat! What if she eats noodles and rice and her nephew eats Wowotou pickles? It\’s not that Li Siyu feels sorry, but that he is afraid of being said by others. \”Two bowls of noodles with sauce.\” Li Siyu said to the window and took out one yuan and four Liang food stamps. Li Chengcai didn\’t dare to talk. He was afraid of losing face to his sister-in-law. He had to stand there and wait. His sister-in-law is kind to him. He remembers that in the future, her salary will be given to her to buy clothes and wear. It will be ready in a few minutes. Two people go to the empty table to prepare for dinner. \”Are you still used to work?\” Li Siyu said to him. Li Chengcai nodded. \”Fortunately, his colleagues are very kind.\” Li Siyu was relieved to hear that it was all right. \”Oh, I\’ve bought a house and eaten white noodles. My family is really rich.\” chapter 73 with your ugly appearance, a female voice sounded, and it was hard to hide her jealousy. Li Siyu gulped at noodles, thinking about what to let Li Chengcai eat in the afternoon. Li Chengcai stared at the woman standing at their table. What does this man want? \”It\’s really a luxury. Our mine manager didn\’t eat Fuqiang noodles, did he?\”

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