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Brother, what you said, I want to buy more. she said coquettishly, ignored Shen Ling and dragged Shen ran to it.

\”Unexpectedly, longwushuang died too. I came a step late.\” a soft voice sounded, and the man sighed gently, showing a look of regret on his face. As he spoke, a flash of light appeared in his hand. The light went into the Golden Dragon halberd in his hand, and he saw that the previously silent Golden Dragon halberd immediately sent out a more brilliant brilliance. Roar! The majestic roar of the Dragon echoed through the world. It was much stronger than before! Under the roar of the dragon, the virtual shadow of the Golden Dragon on the Golden Dragon halberd condenses again, which is more terrible and lifelike than before. Fang Yang was shocked. Even at such a distance, he could clearly feel the smell emitted from the Golden Dragon halberd, which was obviously much stronger than the Dragon unparalleled control! This person\’s strength is unparalleled. I don\’t know how much stronger he is! Who the hell is it? Fang Yang\’s eyes looked at Zhan Lingshui. After sweeping, he suddenly found that Zhan Lingshui was trembling constantly, his face was very white, and his eyes were full of panic that was difficult to control. Lian Zhan Lingshui is so afraid. Fang Yang has dealt with Zhan Lingshui for so many times, but he has never seen her like this. Zhan Lingshui is cold and arrogant. Even when he is unparalleled to Shanglong, he does not pretend to be so polite, but when he is against this person, he will look like this. \”Who are you!\” Fang Yang said in a deep voice. Hearing Fang Yang\’s words, the man\’s eyes slowly turned to this side. It seems that he didn\’t see Fang Yang at all before. Only at this time can he reach his eyes. When he just looked at it, Fang Yang\’s mind was shocked. For a time, he felt that his heart was beating violently and seemed to jump out at any time. An invisible pressure surged around Fang Yang in all directions and wrapped him. It seemed that he was directly trapped in the pervasive water curtain and didn\’t know how to struggle out. Fang Yang shouted angrily, and the Yin-Yang and Xuan Qi in his body moved greatly, which made Fang Yang\’s momentum soar, and finally pressed down the sticky feeling on his body. Rao was so frightened. He looked at this person as a monster. Even if he consumes too much now, it\’s terrible to be able to suppress himself so simply. \”Oh? Are you Fang Yang? It\’s interesting.\” the man looked at the mysterious Qi of yin and Yang flowing on Fang Yang\’s body surface and smiled faintly, \”it\’s reasonable that we two still had some small grudges.\”

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