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Shen Ling held the jewelry in her hand, and her fingers hidden in her sleeves turned white, but she returned to her house normally.

Unfortunately, if not, Ding Xuan, who is too conceited about his red dragon yuan, has no chance to fight again. But now Zhan\’s life is different. The congenital Xuanbao he got is very special. It is a drop of poisonous blood. This poisonous blood rumor is the first time that the earth and the sky have first opened. The first drop of blood that the first dragon has been killed after being slaped is subjected to metaphysics. After this item was obtained, it was carefully refined by Zhan\’s life. He was the body of a corpse ghost. With black dragon Yuan and poisonous blood, it complemented each other, so he received it in his own body. The plot of Zhan\’s life must not be sinister. Generally, when the enemy shows any means, the other party will be prepared. When the other party\’s defense is negligent, it is when he is attacked and injured by the other party. At this time, there are few people who can guard against the poisonous blood. It was because of this skill that Fang Yang suffered such a big loss. \”This is a congenital mysterious treasure. It has great guarantee in both power and quality. Do you think you can break it if you want to break it? Overestimate your strength!\” Zhan Shengsheng sneered. Looking at Fang Yang struggling at the bottom, he has a feeling of watching the fish jumping on the chopping board. If he gets the blood of the dragon, you can\’t live! \”Now, I\’ll take your life!\” Zhan\’s eyes are fierce and bright. Although it shows that Fang Yang is troubled by poisonous blood and can\’t struggle, he is in a cautious attitude. His life is the guarantee! People who have lived so long in Zhan\’s life will not make the mistake of belittling the enemy\’s carelessness. The huge black dragon method trembled, and he was about to make a sudden attack on Fang Yang on the ground. As long as his black dragon breath was huff and puffed, it was impossible to stop Fang Yang in a steady state. Die! Zhan was in high spirits and rushed down. The fire fan suddenly felt the black dragon falling on his head and looked up. His face immediately changed. Under his perception, he can clearly feel how terrible the momentum of the black dragon is. Once he collides with it according to such momentum, he can\’t stop it at this time. damn! Do you want to step back? The face of the fire fan is cloudy and sunny. For him who is arrogant, it\’s better to let him go back than to let him die! I\’ve boasted about myself. If I\’m so embarrassed and forced to retreat this time, how can I go on? It was when he was going to fight to the death that Jiao drank from behind.

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