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Hearing the speech and thinking of the little girl, Mu Zhao flashed a trace of anger in his eyes.

But Fang Yang turned a deaf ear to Wang Shanming\’s reminder. His eyes were calm and looked at the golden armor general. The golden armor general was so angry that he didn\’t care about anything. The dragon power in the palm gathered again and clapped it. This blow is powerful and powerful. It can be seen that it has really brought its own strength into full play. The golden light flowed and instantly shrouded Fang Yang. In the face of such a mighty blow, there is almost no power to escape. Fang Yang didn\’t dodge. He didn\’t retreat but advance with this palm. \”Fang Yang, you\’re crazy!\” Xu Zhen roared behind him. Fang Yang really wants to meet the golden armor general directly? Even Li Ya, who has some confidence in Fang Yang\’s strength, couldn\’t help smiling when he saw this scene. After all, this is a real golden general! The golden light filled the air, and the palm strength expanded rapidly in front of him. Fang Yang looked up and glanced indifferently. The pure Yang Xuan Qi in his body moved and patted it with the same palm strength. The faces of the people around changed rapidly. How can his palm strength be compared with that of the golden armor general? There is no such thing as looking for death? Mrs. Lengyu has just personally demonstrated to the public how powerful the palm strength of the golden armor general is. Under the attachment of the dragon power of the golden dragon card, the palm strength opens the mountain. Even if her cultivation is good, Mrs. Lengyu, who also has the Dragon Crystal Dragon power, is hit hard by his palm strength in an instant, not to mention a Fang Yang? Even if Fang Yang has the previous explosive power method and can fully exert his own power, it is impossible to stop the next golden armor general. They can\’t stop it. They can only see Fang Yang\’s palm strength contact with the golden armor general with their own eyes. Boom! The red Yang of Taiyuan God\’s fire palm gushed and entangled. The huge shock resounded, and the two palm forces spread everywhere. The houses around the passing place were suddenly broken and a piece of smoke and dust. The people around were white, but when they looked carefully again, they couldn\’t help staring at each other, as if they saw some monster. Is Fang Yang okay? Fang Yang was not affected by the smoke and dust burst by the palm strength. Instead, the golden armor general snorted fiercely and was knocked out by Sheng Sheng.

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