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Shen Ling said, it\’s excellent. she looked envious. In fact, she didn\’t envy at all.

Tiesheng is traumatized and his strength is less than 50%. In the past, he was able to kill Mongolian invincible at will. Today, he can\’t occupy any advantage when fighting again. Moreover, with the help of situ Mu and others, the single attack power of more than 1000 martial artists is not very good. They can form an array. Relying on the blessing of the large array and the leadership of situ mu, they are invincible under harassment, which also greatly limits tie Sheng\’s defense and counterattack. Under such continuous attacks, tie Sheng was more and more stretched and embarrassed. \”Thousands of troops and horses!\” on the contrary, Meng Wudi was more and more excited. The murderer who cut off his arm was in front of him, and his reckless spirit was completely vented, and his almost fatal playing method attacked Tiesheng. Tie Sheng roared and was unwilling, but under such an attack, he had no choice. He went all out to kill heimang. At this time, the effect was very little. The two sides fought, and soon there were hundreds of moves. Tie Sheng and Meng invincible left a lot of wounds on their bodies, especially tie Sheng. The true body method of killing after they even flashed slightly, as if they were unstable at any time and would break up. Think of his position in the nether passage as the fifth martial artist in the Dragon list. Even if he will die one day, he should die in the hands of people of the corresponding identity. What are these goods in front of him? How can he fall here! At this point, Tiesheng\’s whole body flashed black, and the real intention of killing accumulated in his body burst out. \”I want you to die!!\” he roared angrily like thunder. Under the cover of the true intention of killing, he led the real killing body behind him. All the light flowed into his body, and then he saw the iron student\’s eyes red, and the violent murderous gas filled the air. \”Be careful! He must have done something forbidden!\” situ Mu shouted quickly. Needless to say, Meng Wudi can feel it. Tie Sheng, who had been in a repressed state before, has increased his killing intention several times. His cold killing intention flows to Meng Wudi. His body surface seems to be scratched by countless cold knives for a while. His complexion was heavy and he didn\’t dare to neglect. When he bit the tip of his tongue, he urged his blood essence without any hesitation. The blood essence was diffused in the mouth, like a spark lit on gunpowder, and was greatly affected by the fierce Qi of invincible. \”It\’s time for us to end the battle!\” his eyes were shining with gold and a sense of hegemony flowed out. At this time, although Meng\’s invincible body had no change, it gave people a feeling of arrogance and independence. \”Death!\” tie Sheng also gathered his will to kill and clapped it with one hand. Black awn shrouded in the sky and earth, and suddenly black light filled the air. He didn\’t know how many times stronger the attack was than the previous killing. Meng invincible also does not dodge and meet him. He seems to be wearing gold armor. The crazy army is invincible and sweeps through thousands of gullies!

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