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Thank you, madam, said mammy Zhao, with a smile on her face.

He was dressed in a red robe like blood. His handsome and gentle face was full of evil Qi at this time, especially when his eyes were open and closed. The blood light was awe inspiring. Just being looked at, people would feel that the blood flow in his body was accelerating, and there was a feeling of coming out of his body. The blood devil was a different blood devil from that when he occupied Kui mountain and Tong Yu\’s body. Although he had not yet shot, Fang Fang Yang can also feel how powerful and evil the blood gas flowing in his body is! The blood devil shows his body shape, looks down around his body, and his smile expands like thunder. \”Ha ha ha! I\’ve recovered, I\’ve finally recovered! It\’s worth my previous servile appearance for so long to get such a good body!\” Under the laughter, his whole body was full of blood. Chapter 572: life and death. The blood was like a vast ocean. The blood devil standing in front of him alone gave people a feeling of red and bright blood. In the hazy, the mountain forest was full of blood. He looked at his body at this time, but he was extremely satisfied and had enough of a cup of tea The time seemed to be almost mastered, and his eyes glanced at the three of Fang Yang. \”Jiang bieshu is dead, and I can be regarded as a great help to you. The next step is you! You three have strong blood and are excellent nourishing materials. Once you can be refined by me, it is not impossible to restore 50% of your strength in the heyday!\” He thought of his excitement. He flushed and stepped out step by step. At the same time, his whole body was covered with blood. Fang Yang and his three people only felt that they had fallen into a sea of blood. The blood was thick and wrapped around their body, which almost swallowed them completely. The three people struggled and wanted to get up to resist. But the power of Dharma phase produced by Jiang bieshu\’s overdraft spirit was really strong and was valued by Dharma phase Chuang, their state at this time can only be described as miserable. The blood devil saw this point and was very happy. He secretly said that before Jiang bieshu died, he also helped himself a lot, otherwise he would not have easily obtained such three excellent blood eating flesh bodies! \”Sacrifice your blood!\” When he lifted his five fingers, the blood light in the palm was rotten, and countless red mans wound around the three of Fang Yang, like blood lines, to extract all the blood gas from the three of them. At this time, Fang Yang suddenly stumbled, bent and barely stood up. \”Eh?\”

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