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The three brothers and two sisters in the family have been married. The sisters are fine. They are all married.

In the face of this situation, Fang Yang just raised his feet lightly and took a step forward. Pop. His right foot fell to the ground. At the same time, Fang Yang\’s whole body was filled with streamers, and he didn\’t see any action. Countless swords floated in front of him, whizzing through. The cultivation accomplishments of these martial artists are already very good, but no matter how strong they are, they can\’t stop Fang Yang\’s sword. In the light sound, Fang Yang\’s sword Qi suddenly penetrates through them, and blood sprays. In the blink of an eye, three bodies fell to the ground. Each one left a sword hole in the middle of the eyebrow. The blood flowed and died here. Even she shan was pierced by three swords and broke his heart, but fortunately, he was a martial artist in Tianyang territory. His life was tenacious, and his immortal soul was equal to immortality. He immediately gave a terrible howl, spewed blood and fled from afar. Fang Yang glanced, raised his right hand and pointed quietly. Sheshan, who had been running for more than ten miles, suddenly stopped, and suddenly burst into countless lights. The sword Qi pierced his body and crushed into powder. Even the spirit could not escape, Fang Yang patted his clothes, turned and continued to face the front, as if he had done the most insignificant thing. From beginning to end, he never paid attention to She Shan and others, and there was silence around him. Originally, more than a thousand people on Pingdingshan should be in full swing, but after seeing this scene with their own eyes, they were really stunned. A moment later, the crowd roared. \”Lying trough, what did I just see?\” \”what the fuck is going on? How did this guy do it? How did he kill Kung Fu people in a blink?\” \”even the spirit of Sheshan didn\’t escape. Is this guy a master?\” \”Isn\’t it nonsense? If you can kill three and a half steps of the sun and hit a person ranked in the Dragon list, you are not only an expert, but also a great expert!\” this sword is also very few in the Dragon list. Who is this guy, stone sword Xiao Da? Iron sword scorched black? \” \”Certainly not. How can they be so young? Are they new people?\” Everyone was amazed, and each one showed sincere respect and surprise for Fang Yang. There were more than a thousand people present in the broadsword Sheshan, the 256 ranking expert in the Dragon list. Jiuchengdu was not the opponent of Sheshan, but at this time, such an expert died in Fang Yang\’s hands. How can they not be surprised.

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