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Liu Caixia turned her eyes, then pretended to stop talking and said slowly, Jianhong, you also know that my brother-in-law\’s family conditions are bad. It doesn\’t matter if I lend it to you. He may want you to give you two yuan more interest.

The nine palace sword was floating quietly in his hand, and another green awn was cut off. Fang Yang\’s eyes opened and closed, and his essence flashed away, and then he cut off with a sword. \”Heart and eye!\” the blade cut the green awn, and the sword Qi with feedback hit the spine of the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus seemed to be chiseled by a huge hammer. Its chest slammed on the mud, raised its head and tail high, and then hit it heavily. At this time, its limbs, which had been stuck in the mud, became a target to fix its body shape, so that it ate Fang Yang\’s sword without any deviation. After a sword, a pool of scarlet blood gas diffused from the Spinosaurus, and soon the mud was stained with scarlet. After Fang Yang\’s heart saw a sword, he breathed a sigh of relief. His body also flew down and fell on the sword box again. The battle was not as easy for him as he thought. \”It\’s just a Spinosaurus with three thorns. If it\’s a Spinosaurus with hundreds of thorns,\” Fang Yangguang thought about the endless green light, which was a burst of cold hair. No matter how fast the green awns of the three thorns are, because the number is too small, there will be gaps to take advantage of during the period, but if it is hundreds, it will be good to use them one after another. No matter how strong the strength is, it will not hurt the Spinosaurus itself. \”This is still a kind of big demon with dragon blood. I heard that there are a lot of big demons with dragon blood in the nether passage. It\’s exciting to think of dragons, Qiulong and Jiaolong.\” his eyebrows were stretched and bright. But now, it\’s better to finish the task first. Although the spiny dragon monster ate Fang Yang\’s heart and eye sword, it did not die. There is no doubt that the Dragon beast\’s vitality is the strongest. But even so, there is no power to fight again. The next thing is to give the Spinosaurus the last blow and take out the crystal core and thorn to deliver the task. Thinking so, Fang Yang\’s body was just about to run to the Spinosaurus. At this moment, his eyebrows were raised and he looked back. Whoosh! A flash of light almost wiped his cheek and burst into the Spinosaurus\’s eyes with a puff. Originally, under the heavy blow of Fang Yang, the dark Qi in the Spinosaurus collapsed and could not be densely distributed on the body surface to enhance its defense. At this time, when a sudden streamer penetrated the eyes, it immediately destroyed the brain and died in an instant. \”OK! It\’s the Spinosaurus we killed. The thing of this big demon is ours!\” \”the captain is really good at spearing!\”

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