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Brother, wake up?

\”It\’s really free and easy.\” Fang Yang read and adjusted his breath in the cave. Then he didn\’t stay here. After leaving the cave with Xiaohong, he went to the beautiful dragon lake on the jade slips. With a detailed map of jade slips, Fang Yang\’s direction was easy to distinguish. He traveled all the way north. In half a day with his flying speed, he was close to the scope of Longhu Lake. The trees are lush, and Fangyang falls directly to the vicinity of Longhu Lake among the mountains and forests. Before he got close to it, Fang Yang\’s footsteps suddenly felt a dark air of mutual attack spreading. The water vapor was diffuse in front. Countless shouts and shouts rang out one after another. Fang Yang\’s soul moved and glanced at it. His eyes immediately brightened: \”it\’s the breath of thousands of soft water!\” he stepped and quickly entered the Dragon Lake. Longhu Lake is a huge clear lake. It is like a round mirror embedded in the mountains and forests. The hot sun shines, sparkling and extremely clear. As it is a place for ancient dragons to drink water, it is nourished by dragon saliva, which contains dragon breath and grows many rare spiritual materials. In addition, the risk is not very high. It has always been a place for those who enter the battle of the mansion to come first and collect points. Fang Yang and his party also wanted to enter here. Unexpectedly, as soon as they got close, there was a spatial fluctuation, which made them scattered. At this time, Fang Yang entered again. At a glance, in addition to the clear lake, there are dozens of figures beside the lake. Shuiqianrou wears a blue skirt, silver hair and silver eyes, which is even more dazzling against the sun, just like an ice lake fairy. She stood surrounded by the crowd, countless water flows around her, and the Xuanqi flows endlessly. There are more than 20 people surrounded by shuiqianrou. From their clothes, they should be passers-by. They don\’t belong to the six main doors in Tiance mansion. Fang Yang vaguely remembers the origin of these people. These people are the people who came here from Shenhe mansion. Fang Yang looked at the front of the crowd. There was a young man in blue, elegant and elegant. Shenhe mansion, the son of Changhe, Wang Changhe! Wang Changhe is also a well-known generation. Although Fang Yang has never fought with him, he has heard his name many times. Wang Changhe, who has inherited the magic method of Shenhe, is really not a simple generation. He is not old and has the level of the middle stage of the early Yang state at this time. If he is not over 25 years old, Mo he may not be able to grab the first place in the new star list. It seems that this group of people surrounded the water with thousands of softness, and Fang Yang\’s face was slightly heavy. At this time, Wang Changhe spoke politely, and his tone was calm: \”Don\’t be angry, miss. We have no malice. When Wang Changhe of xiashenhe mansion and his men passed by, they noticed that there was strong water here and came to have a look. Unexpectedly, they met such beautiful people as you. I think what you practiced should also be a wonderful method of water system. It\’s very close to me. Why don\’t you tell me your name and we can have a discussion \”A little?\” When he spoke, his voice was clear and clear, but his eyes were full of admiration, and he did not hide it. Wang Changhe was really interested in water qianrou. As the little Lord of Shenhe mansion and a person favored by God, he had a great reputation. If Wang Changhe wanted a woman, he didn\’t know how many people would automatically join in, but he had little interest in it all the time On this trip, I was shocked to see Shui qianrou and rushed to meet her. Shui qianrou not only has a beautiful face and ethereal temperament, but also can greatly move her mind. This Shui qianrou is like herself. She contains a powerful water system magic, and I think she has rich opportunities. Wang Changhe should also bring accomplishments to see people. Since this woman is so extraordinary, isn\’t it a match made in heaven ? it seems that God treated himself well. He not only gave him the divine River magic method, but also gave him a woman who could match his divine River magic method. So Wang Changhe hurriedly greeted him and courted him. He was also full of confidence when he chatted up. After all, with his wealth and appearance, he was more than enough to match any woman, but he didn\’t expect to be attacked by a thousand soft enemies before waiting to say a few words Yes, he is not surprised but happy. He likes it more and more. Shui qianrou\’s eyes are flat and light, and she turns a deaf ear to his words. Just at this time, her mind moves and notices something. She turns her head and looks, and just sees Fang Yang coming out from the mountains and forests. Immediately, the cold look on Shui qianrou\’s face is like the clean, white little snow melting spring sun A smile also appeared on his face

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