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Li Siyu didn\’t follow his words, but said, it\’s all for the smooth travel of the deputy mine director. It\’s nothing.

\”It\’s so troublesome.\” Long Xiang murmured discontentedly. Mo he smiled: \”I know Princess Long Xiang\’s temperament. Don\’t worry. In another half month, after you get started with Xuanqi and adapt to the life of Chunyang Zhenzong, the sect will distribute some tasks and activities. At that time, you will all participate. There are opportunities for you to fight a good fight.\” \”seriously?\” Princess Longyu\’s spirit was shocked. \”Naturally there will be no fake.\” \”well, my princess will let you go today! Yang Huo, do you remember that we are in a tie, and I will beat you next time.\” Princess Longxiang said with a cold hum, raised her small face and walked back to her yard. Watching her leave, Fang Yang was relieved and finally sent the little princess away. \”Your mysterious Qi is very interesting, but you can deceive the elder, but you can\’t deceive me.\” after only Fang Yang and Mohe were left, his smile was slightly restrained and his eyes were bright, \”Before you entered the sect, you knew the Xuanqi of Chunyang?\” Fang Yang was stunned. He didn\’t expect that he would say such words. Just when he was looking for something to answer. Mo he smiled again: \”don\’t worry, everything in Chunyang sect is good. For you, I hope you can seize the time to improve your strength. I can\’t wait to fight with you!\” Then he turned around and left here. Fang Yang didn\’t come back until his figure disappeared in front, with a palpitation on his face. \”Who is this guy? Does he know my identity?\” Fang Yang\’s mind turned, but he had no clue. He had to find a chance to ask Feng Wuji and see if he knew it. Fang Yang rested in the courtyard for half a day and went out to get familiar with the three peaks first. He went to huodian peak where Feng Wuji was located first. It was like a lump in his throat about the Mohe river. Fang Yang couldn\’t get a definite explanation and had trouble sleeping and eating. Huodian peak is a pavilion for Chunyang Zhenzong to store ancient books. Most of the martial arts and skills of Chunyang Zhenzong will be placed here. Of course, what can be placed here is some common inheritance. The advanced martial arts in the sect are controlled by the elders, and only a few disciples can have the opportunity to learn. But Rao is so. There are some strong martial arts stored here, It is much higher than many families and first-class sects in the Longyuan Dynasty. Compared with miaohuang peak, the scenery on huodian peak is much more beautiful. There are many pavilions on the top of the mountain, and there is a seven story Pavilion in the center, surrounded by Dharma array blessings, which is the classics building. Fang Yang looked around silently for a while and found that even if he used his soul to turn into a butterfly Means, you can\’t enter this heavily fortified ancient book building. \”You can only learn the martial arts in Chunyang Zhenzong step by step.\” he immediately inquired and found the house where Feng Wuji lived. \”Are you coming so soon?\” Feng Wuji was stunned when he saw Fang Yang and immediately reacted, \”Oh, yes. I forgot that you were already familiar with pure Yang and Xuanqi, so you don\’t need to get started through the jade slip.\” Fang Yang saw that the wind was traceless and was just practicing and asked, \”what about you? How\’s your practice?\”

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