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Just now she saw others selling eggs, all for 50 cents, and not as big as her.

Fang Yang rushed out and plunged behind the stone gate. \”It\’s a pity that the corpse of the warrior in the early Yang state should have something else besides the Dragon golden scissors.\” Fang Yang whispered and regretted that he knew he should have explored the coffin first. He subconsciously turned his head and looked into the coffin to see what else was inside. But under this sweep, Fang Yang\’s eyes gave a meal, and a surprised color appeared on his face. At this time, with a roaring earthquake, all the python bones had been smashed down, and there was smoke and dust behind Fang Yang. A few minutes later, the stone gate had been blocked and could not see the scene clearly. Fang Yang also succeeded in surviving the collapse. \”This tomb is really dangerous\” Fang Yang was terrified. Even if Huang Ning didn\’t die in the previous crash, when the mausoleum collapsed, he could never have survived. \”But was I wrong?\” he thought with a frown. Although he had only glanced at Hong before, he clearly didn\’t find anything in the coffin. Don\’t say it\’s the treasure left by the martial arts in the early Yang state. Even the bones of the martial arts in the early Yang state don\’t even have the bones. The martial arts in the early Yang state are at the level of a half step martial arts man. Their flesh, viscera and bones have been refined by the meaning of pure Yang. Even hundreds of years ago, their flesh may not be able to survive, but the bones shouldn\’t be missing, but Fang Yang\’s eyes can\’t deceive him, The coffin was indeed empty. \”Where is the corpse of the martial artist in the early sun? It seems that this tomb is also strange.\” Fang Yang was alert immediately. He didn\’t leave in a hurry, but after leaving the array plate here, he stopped by running the shadow array, and then Fang Yang took out the dragon gold scissors and wanted to start refining. The Dragon golden scissors have completely recovered their vitality. As soon as Fang Yang took it out, the half Python and half dragon virtual shadow on it trembled and constantly wanted to struggle out of Fang Yang\’s control. Fang Yang calmed down and ran his pure Yang Xuanqi into the Jiaolong golden scissors. He wanted to refine it completely for his own use. This is a spiritual green grain xuanbing. Once used, it can easily break through even if it falls into the siege of the empty and dark realm of hundreds of people. Even with the powerful power of the Dragon golden scissors to cut off the flesh and soul, they may not have the power to fight against some martial artists in the later stage of the empty and dark realm and even the peak! On that day, I personally experienced Fang Yang who was chased and killed by Li Bei, but I clearly know how strong his strength is. Not to mention, on the previous mausoleum, I also witnessed the fight between the beast emperor CHEN Si and Shui qianrou. No matter which one they are, they are definitely not the existence that Fang Yang can match. Therefore, Fang Yang put his mind on the Jiaolong gold scissors. With the strength of pure Yang and Xuanqi, it should not be very difficult to refine xuanbing. After all, it is an ownerless thing, in which there is no master\’s soul ban, as long as you add your own soul power. That\’s what he said, but when Fang Yang really refined, he found that it was not like this. \”Can\’t refine?\” half an hour later, Fang Yang opened his eyes and looked puzzled.

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