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Did they meet each other? But why did you lie and say you just came back?

All three of them were greedy and could see the power of Fang Yang\’s green striped xuanbing. They wanted to forcibly seize it, but their Xuanqi was irresistible under the sweep of the sword Qi. They only heard the brush sound, the sword Qi soared in the air, and their attacks were blocked back together. Fang Yang\’s eyes were flat: \”it was just three martial artists in the early days of the empty underworld. It\’s really meaningless.\” The three of them were shocked and angry. They were angry with Fang Yang\’s contemptuous tone and wanted to show the boy some color. The two sides fought quickly. Wu fan could easily face the enemy in the empty and dark world. What\’s shocking is that Fang Yang, a person who focused on the peak of the realm, easily faced the three empty and dark worlds, which was very attractive. More than ten others In the divine realm, Huolan and Tang still stopped them. At the beginning, ten people saw that they were two beautiful women, or their faces showed lust, and wanted to be hostile quickly. Only after a fight, their faces changed greatly, and they found that the situation was different from what they thought. Tang still and Huolan made rapid progress in their cultivation. Although they had little combat experience, they might not be able to give full play to their strength Come out, but as long as you get familiar with them, it\’s still very simple for them to deal with ten people. It seems to be a one-sided situation, but it\’s amazing. \”Who\’s the boy at the top of the concentration realm? It\’s too fucking powerful. This is the concentration realm?\” \”I don\’t think it\’s like it. It can\’t be the martial artists in the empty and dark realm who lower themselves for cultivation?\” \”That seems to be Fang Yang!! here comes Fang Yang!\” \”Fang Yang? I fucked and Fang Yang came back. That\’s great.\” \”who despised Fang Yang just now? It doesn\’t have any pressure to fight three empty and dark places. Is this guy a monster?\” After recognizing Fang Yang\’s identity, the people around him yelled and screamed. They were all frightened. Ling Chen, who wanted to stand by coldly, also changed her complexion when she saw Fang Yang, and then looked cold: \”Fang Yang boy! You kill my son, I want you to pay for it with blood! Since you dare to send it to the door, you\’re looking for death!\” When he was shocked and angry, his heart was also hot. Chen Jiuyin was furious when Fang Yang was in the Hunyuan mansion. If he killed Fang Yang himself, it would be in the eyes of the mansion master who could enter? It would be very useful for his future promotion. Thinking of this, Ling Chen ignored him and rushed to Fang Yang. As soon as he was in the air, Qin Chuan burst out in front of him: \”Ling Chen! Don\’t forget me!\” chapter 200 Wu Xiang kills Yu

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