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Wang Ye bowed his head and asked, where were the wires bought last year?

When Fang Yang opened it, he saw that there was a spell in the wooden box. However, the spell was different from the charm. It was painted with wind patterns and glittered with blue light. \”This is\” \”this is a life-saving thing my father gave me when I was an adult.\” Meng Qianxue said, \”it seems to be called a small moving charm. It can only be used once. After it is cast, it can break through the void and move in an instant.\” \”Seriously?!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes brightened and his face was pleasantly surprised. If it was really something that could be moved in an instant, wouldn\’t it be able to get rid of the current situation. Meng Qianxue\’s tone was somewhat uncertain: \”it seems so, but because I haven\’t been out in Fenghai county all the time, I don\’t have a chance to use it and don\’t know how to use it.\” \”wait a minute.\” Fang Yang said. They didn\’t know it was okay. There was an old guy who knew everything in Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword. \”Old guy, is this a small move sign?\” Fang Yang asked directly. Although Duan Ling was in the nine palace sword, she could also know the outside scene like the back of her hand. After all, she used to be the soul of a martial artist in the early Yang realm, which was naturally extraordinary. When he heard the question, he also gave a positive answer: \”It\’s really a small move sign. This kind of thing has a life-saving effect below the early Yang state. After using it, it can fly quickly and fall to a random position within three thousand miles.\” \”it\’s so powerful!\” Fang Yang looked happy. Duan Ling said again: \”normally, a small move sign can only move itself. If it\’s a large move sign, it can break the space and several people can walk together.\” Fang Yang\’s eyebrows frowned. If he was alone, he would never use this small move sign. If he left, Meng Qianxue would certainly come to no good end. However, he also keenly heard Duan Ling\’s words: \”what does normal mean?\” \”Hey, you boy, you really don\’t know what to say. Because the small movement sign can break the space, but it can only wrap one person for safe teleportation. But that\’s not the case for you. Your boy\’s body is much harder and strong enough to bear the strength of breaking the space. Therefore, if you wrap the little girl with the small movement sign, they can use it together.\” \”So! That\’s great.\” Fang Yang was in great spirits. He grabbed Meng Qianxue\’s hand and handed the spell to her: \”you cross into the Xuanqi and urge this spell.\” Meng Qianxue blushed and wanted to struggle, but when he heard Fang Yang\’s words, he was stunned and hesitated: \”this spell can only be used by one person, not as good as you\” \”just listen to me!\” Fang Yang said in a deep voice, \”I have my own way.\”

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