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Li Siyu wanted Wang Ye to inquire about whether he sold coal privately. As a result, everyone was not enough. Who would sell it

\”Little brother, if you dare to fight Angkor, don\’t blame me for being ruthless.\” at this time, Huolan, who had been confused, suddenly calmed down and looked at Fang Yang coldly. After glancing at the fire orchid, Fang Yang said coldly, \”it was your brothers who wanted to kill me first. For your sake of being a woman, I want to spare your life, but don\’t force me.\” Fang Yang could see that Wu fan and others wanted to murder themselves. The fire orchid didn\’t know, so from the bottom of his heart, Fang Yang still didn\’t want to kill a woman. \”Fang Yang, do you think I\’ll let you go if you kill Lao Liu? Hum, even if you can contain me, but I Wu fan didn\’t have any cards today. Today I\’ll burn jade and stone with you!\” suddenly, Wu fan, who was originally pale, drank coldly. After that, Wu fan\’s wrist trembled and a white light flashed, Suddenly a huge stone appeared in his hand, or it was not a stone, but more like a turtle\’s back. The worldly charlatans often prepared these things to give people divination and cheat some small money. This thing in Wu fan\’s hand didn\’t look much different from those charlatans, but Fang Yang was keenly aware of it, The turtle\’s back in Wu fan\’s hand doesn\’t seem to be complete, just a fragment, and when the turtle\’s back just appeared, Fang Yang felt a sense of danger, as if the turtle\’s back contained infinite power. \”Ha ha ha ha, Fang Yang, today I Wu fan will fight with you to see who will win!\” suddenly Wu fan laughed wildly and flashed a ferocious color on his face. \”Boom!\” in an instant, a mighty pressure came from the turtle\’s back. In addition, Wu fan\’s soul force seemed to move. Fang Yang was acutely aware that a wisp of soul force poured into the turtle\’s back. When the soul force poured in, the turtle\’s back immediately surged out of a fine awn. The terrible jingmang wrapped the turtle\’s back. However, through the jingmang, Fang Yang could clearly see that the turtle\’s back originally had only some vein patterns. At this moment, there were characters that Fang Yang couldn\’t understand. One character after another contained an ancient flavor of vicissitudes, as if it were ancient characters! At this time, even with the five mysterious and exquisite body protection, Fang Yang also felt that his heart was constantly jumping wildly. The terrible pressure had wrapped Fang Yang firmly, and a sense of palpitation had poured up from the tip of Fang Yang\’s heart. As for Huolan, she was already lying on the ground, and the man calcined by the heart fire of the nine palaces had already fainted. Regardless of Huolan and others, Fang Yang felt a great threat at this time, but Fang Yang didn\’t panic. He just snorted coldly: \”hum, the way to death!\” after that, Fang Yang\’s body trembled and the sea of soul immediately rolled up. Fang Yang\’s soul ocean rolled up, and Wu fan, who had a ferocious face, immediately changed his face! In an instant, it became extremely painful. Wu fan knew that Fang Yang was doing mischief, and he had long planned to burn jade and stone with Fang Yang, but he didn\’t expect that the pain would come so violently, but Wu fan still clenched his teeth and constantly urged the power of his soul to rush towards the turtle\’s back. Looking at this situation, Fang Yang kept sneering: \”jade and stone are burning, you deserve it?\” after that, the soul ocean in Fang Yang\’s sea of knowledge rolled again. At this time, Fang Yang\’s soul ocean seemed to have a tsunami. With the vibration of Fang Yang\’s soul power, Wu fan\’s nine palace heart fire in his body immediately moved to the extreme! Wu fan\’s body turned red in an instant. Wu fan couldn\’t bear the terrible pain. He could barely mobilize his soul. At this time, he couldn\’t bear the severe pain. Wu fan only felt that at this time, his inner body was burned, his whole body seemed to be calcined by fire, and even his soul seemed to be calcined under this fire. At this time, Wu fan felt that he might become a pool of ashes at any time!

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