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There are many children in my family. Don\’t be too noisy, ha ha.

An idea rose in the hearts of the two people at the same time. Is this the 99 thunder robbery? Sure enough, a thunder light as thick as a bucket suddenly emerged from the dark cloud, and rushed to qijiehan star very quickly. The speed was so fast that almost people couldn\’t react. Although the diameter of the thunder light didn\’t increase, the energy contained was concentrated to a terrible level. The sound of \”bang\” bumped into the spirit shield. The spirit shield shook violently, but the eyes of the letter star communication array in the array were firmly fixed, and then there were three thunder lights, with almost no space between them. The shaking of the spirit shield startled Jane Xi. The cold sweat between the letter stars in the array came down, and then there were five thunder lights, Although the spirit shield burst out unprecedented energy under the control of the letter star, while consuming the five thunder lights, the spirit shield was also broken. At the same time, Han Xing vomited a mouthful of blood and suffered some internal injuries. The thunder punishment in the seventh group was over, and the thunder punishment in the eighth group was still brewing. At this time, Han Xing took out the golden elixir that Jian Xi gave him and threw it into the mouth. The entrance of the elixir changed instantly into surging energy, repaired his body, and filled his spiritual power. It was only a breath, and his strength returned to the peak, even more powerful. Jane Xi cried out, \”letter star, change that eye.\”. With Jian Xi\’s voice, Han Xing instantly took out a disc from the ring, the size caught up with a desktop with a diameter of 90 cm, and suddenly placed it under his body. The whole person sat on it. The person and the disc instantly communicated with the whole array to form a whole. The spiritual shield was also formed before the thunder robbery in group 8 was about to rush down. This time, the thunder burst out and lost his voice. The nine thunder burst down together. Isn\’t it life-threatening? The prestige of each thunder light has increased several times. Such a thunder robbery? Jane Xi covered her face with her hands and didn\’t dare to see it again. This power, can the last barrier stop it! With a loud bang, nine thunder lights burst at qijiehan star. The thunder light was as thick as a bucket. In addition, their target was only Han Star. When the nine thunder robbers gathered at the top of Han Star, they were twisted into one force, which was powerful enough to destroy the sky and the earth. It seemed to destroy everything that blocked him and destroyed everything. This momentum made Jane feel desperate. She couldn\’t accept the result. She almost didn\’t fall out of the air, but the servant next to her helped her. The spirit power mask formed by the restarted nine level array collided with the eighth group of nine thunder lights. After the shocking noise, the array lasted only one or two seconds and broke into powder. Even the disk under the letter star became powder. The nine thunder lights have completely destroyed all the nine level array. Although the nine thunder lights had an array to offset most of them, there was still a small part left, and then they flew to Qi Jiehan star. Qi Jiehan star smiled bitterly in his heart. Did he want his life? But he couldn\’t wait to die. He threw a lot of spirit tools at the thunder light, and held several shields of the best spirit tools in his hand. All the spirit power was condensed on the surface of his body. \”Boom\” the rest of the thunder light once again blasted those spirit tools into powder, but it also consumed part of it, and then hit the shield. One layer of shield turned into powder, another layer of shield turned into powder, the third layer of shield turned into pieces, and the fourth layer was also blasted into several pieces. Then only the remaining thunder light blasted to the letter star. He smashed his body protection aura. After consumption again and again, there was little residual thunder left, and all of them burst into Han Xing\’s body. The letter star was able to take little damage when the array was turned into powder. That\’s because the energy brought by du\’erjindan helped him offset most of it. Now, although the residual thunder light has penetrated into the body, it is much stronger than the previous thunder light, but it has been strengthened a lot of bodies and experienced letter stars, It can be integrated in the shortest time. But this is the eighth group of thunder robbers. The ninth group of thunder robbers hasn\’t arrived yet. Han xingpan sat on the ground, tried his best to control the thunder light running around in his body, and fused it as quickly as possible. He was careless about the ninth group of thunder robbers still brewing on his head. Now he has used up almost all his cards. In the last group, he can only say his best, and then we are doomed. However, the ninth group of thunder robbers was just brewing and did not land for a long time. At this time, Han Xing had basically controlled the thunder light in his body. With his own spiritual power running along a fixed route, he absorbed and fused himself, and automatically repaired his body, meridians and Dantian. But Han Xing felt extremely tired. He wanted to sleep. He was very sleepy, but he knew that the ninth group of thunder robbers had not arrived yet. If he fell asleep, he could only wait to be blasted into slag by thunder.

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