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Chapter 20 can\’t afford it

Seeing that Jian Xi didn\’t tease him, they began to divide labor. This time, Ruan Tiancheng took out a heaven and earth house, which is larger than Jian Xi\’s, with at least two rooms. On top of the green, there is an antique and exquisite small house, a portal, a hall, and a room on the left and right sides. This heaven and earth house has always been their residence for most of the way, which is very suitable for two people and very comfortable. The grass and wild flowers in the distance of more than ten meters in front of the house were cleared by Ruan Tiancheng. The simple earth magic turned out the underground soil. After the fire magic was used, the ground was very solid, and some mixed stones in the soil were thrown on the ground by him to spell out several simple patterns, The wood system spell neatly encloses a bunch of shrub like plants that can only grow to a height of one meter, leaving a gap in the middle, just like a portal. It\’s not to prevent thieves, it\’s just to look good. Those shrubs are very like the fence of a small courtyard. Due to the effect of magic, they are generally tall, short and neat, It\’s like that. This is Jianxi\’s habit. Ruan Tiancheng saw that Jianxi didn\’t bother to do this every time if she had plenty of time, so he took over the job. Jianxi just had to arrange the array. Anyway, they are all small spells of various departments. Even without the spiritual root of that attribute, they can be completed easily. Jane cherishes its name, which is more like home. Home? Ruan Tiancheng had no impression for a long time, but every time he arranged the courtyard with Jane Xi, he felt very warm and satisfied. He hoped that it was their home, although it was only one night each time. Jian Xi arranges the array. He is responsible for arranging everything in the array, which makes him feel that they really cooperate like a little couple in the secular world. Today is the last night in the fairy grass secret place. He really hopes that he will have the opportunity to do this after he leaves the secret place. Chapter 464 tolerance When they were busy arranging the temporary cave, long linger, Feng Aijiao and others also arrived one after another. Naturally, xuantianzong\’s disciples worked for her, so she had time to look around. Just when she arrived here, she had seen Ruan Tiancheng and his disciples who were busy. But at that time, she had to ask those disciples to do some preparations for camping, so she had time to look around. The first is to notice Ruan Tiancheng and Jian Xi. Due to the large number of people here, Jian Xi didn\’t lay down the terrible level 5 or 6 array, but took out the array pen to depict the level 4 array around the courtyard. The array was not aggressive, but focused on defense and shielding. Anyway, with so many people gathered, she abandoned the hiding function because it was useless. Long ling\’er looked at Ruan Tiancheng doing both the ground and the courtyard wall here. He couldn\’t help laughing. \”What\’s senior brother Ruan doing? Do you want to settle down here? Although it won\’t take long to do this, it\’s also very troublesome, \”and look at Jane Xi walking slowly around the courtyard. The array pen on her right hand constantly draws something in the invisible air in front of her. She can only see the light flashing on the tip of the pen, but she can\’t see anything else. \”Elder martial sister long, that Jian Daoyou should use the array tattoo pen. She is now using the array tattoo pen to depict the array. This skill has a long history, but it is difficult for people to master, so it is gradually not used by people and gradually disappears. However, I heard that our Xuantian sect also keeps a array tattoo pen in the warehouse. Even the relevant methods and arrays have been used for many years In recent years, no one can really learn to understand it. The method of depicting the array is completely different from the array plate and flag commonly used by us. I didn\’t expect that she could use it. It\’s really important to look down on it! \”The person who spoke was Guo Dian when Jian Xi met long linger at the door of the tree cave. He not only had a deep interest in Dandao. And his achievements are not small, and he is also very enthusiastic about array Taoism. However, his array was not as profound as Dan Dao. That day, outside the tree cave, he also found the traces of the array with his keen observation. Therefore, he had a preliminary understanding of Jian Xi. The array trace was very different from the array he had seen in ordinary days. He wanted to discuss it with Jane Xi, but Jane Xi refused to be thousands of miles away and turned and left. He is not angry. Most geniuses are arrogant, but it\’s a pity that they can\’t ask for some special array. Now, seeing this scene, he had already been attracted. Seeing the curious eyes of long linger, he realized that she didn\’t understand what Jane Xi was doing there, so he made a speech and explained. \”Oh? I didn\’t expect that Taoist Jian not only achieved extraordinary achievements in alchemy, but also the array Taoism. If only she could become a disciple of Xuantian sect,\” sighed long linger. \”If you can go with her, Guo Dian must ask for advice.\” Guo Dian also lamented there. \”Elder martial brother, what are you doing? Why do you want to have a cave with this woman?\” Feng Aijiao appeared in the public\’s view again. When long linger saw Feng Aijiao rushing to the courtyard, he was speechless and said, \”Guo Dian. You said that Feng Aijiao didn\’t know that elder martial brother Ruan didn\’t think about her at all! Why are you so pestering!\” \”There are all kinds of people in the world, and there are many more. Hehe, elder martial brother Ruan, ah! It\’s really hard to do! Eh, the array has become, oh! My God!\” before Guo Dian\’s voice fell, Feng Aijiao over there shouted \’ah -\’, and people have been ejected far away.

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