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Take a rest when you are tired. Before noon, Li Siyu finally arrived at the entrance of the village.

Whether in politics or in shopping malls, at the moment, it is heaven and earth that are ruthlessly cleaned by Yuan Fang and Yuan Fang. Even the military can escape. The military court has never been busy. Some generals in important positions in the military have fallen off one after another and entered them to get all kinds of judgments. The most serious thing is that they can die in a short time. Jane Xi knows nothing about these things. She has no time to watch TV and surf the Internet. In this month, she has been helping the yuan family to complete those things, and her heart is useless. In this month, Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother\’s accomplishments have both broken through to the fourth stage of Qi refining. In fact, Yuan\’s father\’s gold fire spiritual roots are much better and faster than yuan\’s mother\’s water wood earth spiritual roots. However, Yuan\’s father has been waiting for Yuan\’s mother. Yuan\’s mother doesn\’t break through and he doesn\’t break through. They have to make the progress of their promotion the same, which makes yuan\’s mother laugh. She doesn\’t listen to her advice, Then I let it go. At the beginning of Xinyu\’s foundation construction, his state also stabilized, and he concentrated on understanding and digesting his understanding in battle. At some times, the whole person was like a sharp sword. During this month, she also learned from the phone that Grandpa Jane has also reached the fourth level of gas refining, and grandma Fang has also entered the fifth level of gas refining. The most surprising thing is that Jane Xinyan and Jane\’s mother have reached the peak of the sixth level of gas refining, one step away from the later level of gas refining. Even Ruo Nan has entered the first level of Qi refining and really entered the ranks of friars. Xin Wei is slower than them in everything he does on weekdays. He has entered the second level of Qi refining so quickly, which makes him very proud in front of Ruo Nan. He can finally defeat Ruo Nan easily. His cultivation speed is faster than Ruo Nan, which makes Ruo Nan very dissatisfied, The two often get into fights and fights. When Xin Wei is angry enough with Ruo man, he often laughs. After making Ruo man cry for several times, Xin Wei wisely dare not again and coax them every time. Jian Xi has faintly felt the subtle changes between the two since she rescued them from Jia\’s house. When they were in junior high school, Ruo Nan had a vague liking for Xin Yu, but at that time, it was just a girl\’s liking, but now Jane Xi can feel the feelings between men and women between Ruo Nan and Xin Wei. She can think that it was the kidnapping of Jia family, and Xin Wei was beaten again and again because of Ruo Nan, The feeling in distress should have been born at that time. It has sublimated from the affection of former classmates and the friendship between best friends to become the most innocent love between boys and girls. Although none of them has pierced the layer of paper, their intentions have been fully understood by each other. Anyway, this is their personal relationship. Jane Xi can only bless them. However, she is really happy for both of them for their progress in practice. She followed Ruo Nan\’s phone in Jane Xi, and Xin Yu got the same message from Xin Wei\’s phone. When Jane Xi told grandma Fang that she was going home these days, grandma Fang over there cried. Although she had already known that her grandson had nothing to do that day, she was still terrified when she saw such a bloody event for the first time, and wept with joy when she was about to see her granddaughter. The feeling of missing has been out of control. My granddaughter hasn\’t left her for so long. She has to go through such events. Moreover, her most precious heart and liver have to fight at the forefront. Even when she knows that she is powerful, she is still worried. When she learned that Jane Xi was going back, she could no longer control her emotions and cried on the other end of the phone. Jane Xi didn\’t expect that her grandmother, who never shed tears, would cry when she answered the phone. For a moment, she didn\’t know what to do and comforted her in a mess until grandma Fang stopped crying and returned to normal. In this month, no matter Jian Xi, Xin Yu, Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother, the second elder of the Jian family, Jian Xinyan, Jian\’s mother, Ruo Nan or Xin Wei, the changes of these people are not small. The yuan family has undergone earth shaking changes, the isolation of several ancestors, the spiritual root test of all the lineal people of the yuan family, and so on, Even those over the age of six who have been abroad in politics and business for many years, and even the legitimate children with poor martial arts skills have returned one after another. Within a few days, Jian Xi and Xin Yu have tested that there are more than 200 children with various spiritual root qualifications, including those who were judged to have very poor martial arts skills at that time, but they unexpectedly have the qualification to cultivate immortals, And there are two single spiritual roots, which are exceptionally talented. There are six disciples of double generation Linggen, and eight of them, no more than 27 years old. The youngest is only 13 years old. He is a handsome young man. He is one of the disciples who is judged not to have the talent to practice ancient martial arts. He has been with his father who is doing business abroad. This time, he hurried back after hearing the family notice. Unexpectedly, he is the most outstanding single generation huolinggen, His name is yuan Linzhi, and after he came back this time, he didn\’t go back with his father and was directly left by the family for cultivation, which made his father ecstatic. He didn\’t expect that his son would have such a great opportunity. He had been determined to let his son work for the family in the secular world. He was really as excited as a beggar who won hundreds of millions of awards. Xinyu has explained the key points of cultivation in detail with several ancestors with spiritual roots, such as the old master, and the elders. These old people have practiced martial arts all their life and have a thorough understanding of the human body. In addition, with Xinyu\’s explanation, they understand very quickly. Facing a breakthrough are the old master yuan Shanglin and another supreme elder with spiritual roots, The two soon closed their doors, and the other elders of the yuan family who had the talent to cultivate immortality, after learning the essentials of the skills and methods, practiced them respectively until they fully mastered them. Only when they practiced and taught the selected disciples of the family, they gave professors of different degrees according to their spiritual root qualifications. During this month, Jian Xi tried to take out Tianxiang fruit several times. However, later, she gave up temporarily. She planned to refine the twelve Tianxiang fruits into pills and then take them. Although she can\’t refine pills at all, Jian Nan said that the refining method of this pill is actually very simple, but its effect is very rebellious, It is mainly because the raw materials are against the sky, and the ingredients are only three main medicines except tianxiangguo. There are all kinds in Jianxi\’s small medicine garden, and the year is not bad. Just because you don\’t swallow it directly, you don\’t want to become a fragrant woman, but just don\’t want to attract too much attention because of the body fragrance. Moreover, the body fragrance produced by Tianxiang fruit is not controlled by you. It\’s very random. You don\’t know whether you like the body fragrance produced later. It\’s the aroma you hate. What should you do? There\’s no way to change it. It\’s better to be natural and clean like this. Moreover, she also needs to refine them into pills that will not produce fragrance, because this is also for cangjun. Men are wearing fragrance, but it\’s a disgusting thing. In addition, there are Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother, Xin Yu, Jane\’s grandfather, grandma Fang, Jane\’s mother and Jane Xinyan. The female students are still better. What about these boys? Therefore, refining into pills is the safest. Of course, girls have to ask their own ideas first, whether to swallow the fruit directly or pills. Chapter 206 variation of Saussurea involucrata She was too busy at the yuan family during this time, and she couldn\’t find time to learn alchemy at all. Fortunately, when the yuan family learned that she was leaving, she was grateful for everything Jane Xi brought to the yuan family, including not only the warehouses for all kinds of mineral materials, but also all the warehouses for medicinal materials and treasures, except for the inheritance treasure house of the yuan family, but, The master of the yuan family still gave Jian Xi three treasures that the yuan family had treasured for many years.

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