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Li Chengyue went into the house to open the door, and then came in a woman who looked like a middle-aged woman. The gray clothes have several patches, but they are washed very clean, and the hair is combed very neatly. They look like the old lady, two less unkind.

After taking out the token, Shanghai smoothly entered the main lair.This is the residence of the third monster emperor. The guards inside are extremely tight. The deeper you go, the more big monsters and the more terrifying their strength. Even the monster king passed by. Shanghai had to be careful because he had entered. The main lair of the demons.If it hadn\’t been for Dragon Mother to open it, Shanghai would really not be able to leave the Lair of the Demon Lord.who are you?A deep voice sounded, and a burly monster with six wings appeared in front of him. The aura pervading his body was extremely terrifying. This was a monster king, whose strength was more terrifying than the monster kings he had encountered before. It has reached nearly 90% of the strength of the reincarnation body of the god emperor.Moreover, under the gaze of the demon king, the whole body of Shanghai was tense. It was not that he was afraid of the demon king, but if he was detected by the opponent, he was not absolutely sure to kill the opponent with one blow. At that time, the entire demon master\’s lair will surely be alarmed.The five imperial patterns in his body were gaining momentum, Shanghai\’s mouth squirmed, he wanted to speak, and at the same time he was ready to kill the demon king in one blow.Suddenly, the whole demon master\’s lair trembled suddenly.Do not!Not only the main demon lair, but the demon lair outside also trembled violently, and the invisible and terrifying force fell down. Countless demon slaves and demon beasts were crushed to bloodshed, and some of the lowest strength even died tragically on the spot. .The Bureau of Heaven and Earth has started again…The demon king raised his head and looked at the top, only to see that the top of the main lair became transparent. In the uppermost sky, the cracks began to spread, like a spider web, as if one enveloped the whole world. Huge chess board.And in this chessboard, the mystery contained is unpredictable, and the world\’s creatures simply can\’t understand it.As the cracks continued to spread, the sky was shaking violently.After a long time, the crack finally stopped, and a huge phantom emerged. This phantom was smaller than the largest one. Standing in the center of the chessboard, Shanghai was shocked when he saw this phantom. It is vague, but he can see that this phantom is very similar to the old immortal…It\’s just that this phantom is vacillating and can never fall into the world…Chapter 1688 Give you a choiceIn addition to the phantoms of the old immortal, there are a large number of phantoms emerging around them. These phantoms are smaller than the old immortal, and they are also floating. They are located outside the world and cannot enter the game.There are signs of being unable to play chess in the game of heaven and earth… This shows that these chess pieces will definitely lead to some different changes… The Demon King murmured.The world is unpredictable.

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