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Surrounded by fog, Li Siyu couldn\’t see clearly. Li Siyu tried several times and couldn\’t get out at all.

However, the twenty high-level demon slaves only had some scars on their skin. To them, this was not considered an injury at all.Fortunately, there are eight people from Taiyu resisting in the front, otherwise the god of long beard and others will be defeated as soon as they fight, and the pressure of the fifty gods is skyrocketing. If it were not for the god of long beard and others to lend a helping hand from time to time, I am afraid this Fifty god kings were long gone.The demon did not take action, but fixedly stared at Shanghai, because among all the people, Shanghai threatened him the most.How do you know we are lurking here? the demon asked. He has been lurking here for tens of thousands of years, because the environment here is special and has never been discovered. Even if there is a discoverer, he has already been killed or turned into a demon slave.I not only know where you are lurking, but also where other demons are lurking. Shanghai said lightly.Hearing this, the demon\’s eyes flickered, and his face grimly said: \”Since you know so much, then you must die.\” As he spoke, he had penetrated the void and killed Shanghai.The speed of the demon is astonishingly fast. He has already arrived in front of Shanghai in an instant, and his right paw grabbed it out. It is full of the power of the demon. With its power, even a star field will be caught and exploded, not to mention the cultivation of a small human race. By.But at the moment of the shot, the demon felt an inexplicable sense of suffocation. This sense of suffocation made him panic. It was a feeling of death. I don\’t know how many years, he has almost forgotten this feeling, and now it is reappearing. A big hand suddenly appeared and grabbed it, faster than him, and even more terrifying.My lord, save me!The demon roared as hard as he could, a special mark in his body burst into pieces, and the big hand had been pressed down and penetrated the body of the demon.Shanghai retracted his hand, and the black streamer full of ancient magic power tore the monster to pieces, and finally returned to his body again, but at this moment he showed a solemn face, because when the monster was only killed, the other party had already sent out to other monsters. Information, and this information is unique to demons and is difficult to intercept.After the information disappeared, a terrifying aura appeared in the sky above the sky. This aura was terrifying. Shanghai could feel it. It was the aura of a big monster. Although it was a little weaker than the big monsters I had seen before, This is indeed the breath of a big out……The void shattered, and a huge body shuttled out of it, followed by a man with double horns shuttled out. This man had a forgiving face and three pairs of golden and black flesh wings behind him, the breath of a big monster. Suddenly enveloped a trillion li area.Seeing the moment of this man\’s face, Shanghai was taken aback for a moment, and he uttered two words, \”Sen Luo…\”Chapter 1640 Descendants of the Exiled DemonsSen Luo Nai was a friend who grew up with Shanghai in the Xuan Mu clan. The two had the same siblings. Later, because of the changes in the extreme land, Sen Luo was missing. He originally thought that he had been lost, but he didn\’t expect to be. See you here.Although after hundreds of years, Sen Luo\’s appearance has changed a lot, but the outline of that face is very clear.It\’s Senluo that\’s right, Shanghai can be sure.Siluo, is that you? Shanghai shouted.

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