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\”Qijie tree, you\” the Yan\’er seemed to have scruples about Qijie tree, but he seemed to give up.

The four imperial palaces are said to be put down and opened, but in fact they are still continuing to open the land of the god emperor inheritance. It is said that three have been opened and the inheritance of the three god emperors has also been obtained. If the four imperial palaces all obtain these gods Inheritance of the emperor, then the intimidation power will surely increase.Zihu said: \”Now it\’s not just the Four Great Emperor Palaces, but the Dragon Evil Palace and the Huntian Temple have also joined. Although this battle will be beneficial to us, it is hard to guarantee that the Four Great Emperor Palaces will not compete with the Dragon Evil Palace and the Huntian Palace by then. Cooperation. Between forces, only pay attention to interests…\”After hearing these words, Shanghai has already understood that these three powers may join forces to open up the fairyland. As for the life and death of the other powers, they will ignore it.Shanghai glanced at Lingshen Island. With his sky-opening eyes, he could see everything inside through the natural barrier. On the island, everyone in the Lingshen line was building a resident. Although it was a bit miserable, everyone His face was full of joy and excitement.Family!Lingshen Island is the new home, not only the home of everyone in the Lingshen line, but also the home of Shanghai.Once the fairyland is opened, the Lingshen Island will inevitably be destroyed, and everyone in the Lingshen line, who can withstand the terrifying power that comes from the fairyland?After staring for a while, Shanghai retracted his gaze and squeezed his hands slightly. In any case, he must protect this home.I\’ll go with you. Shanghai said.Let\’s go, I\’ll take you to a place. Zihu Meimu glanced at Shanghai.A place? Shanghai frowned.呲…Strands of lines appeared on the purple fox, and with a touch of her finger, the void split open, and it was a special teleportation formation.Immediately, Shanghai stepped into it with the purple out……The teleportation ended soon. When Shanghai appeared, there were strange crystals all around. These crystals have not even been seen in Shanghai, let alone heard of them. There are many mysterious streamers in the crystals. Contains the purest power in the it is……Pure land, the purest place between heaven and earth. Zihu said.Pure land…Shanghai was a little surprised. Just taking a few steps, the crystals in front of him disappeared one after another. A huge crystal appeared in front of him. When he saw the person in the crystal, his whole body trembled.

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