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All the boxes are semicircular. In the center is a semicircular platform about two meters high. The rear of the platform is foggy. Jian Xi can see that it is a defensive magic array.

Detain them and deal with them separately after the 3,000 meeting is over. Helian immediately issued an order.Yes! A god and the four peak god kings took away the five people from Shanghai.Seeing this scene, the ancient loneliness of the ancient gods alliance could not help revealing regret, and the Four Saints also showed such an expression. Although this can be hidden from others, but they cannot be hidden from them. It seems to be harsh, but in fact all this is just a play. That\’s it.Obviously, Swire Alliance is unwilling to break the skin with Shanghai.Although the Three Thousand Conference is very important, it is not necessary to have an affair with a top-level Huangwen Master. No one will come to investigate such things.To put it bluntly, it just makes Swire Alliance\’s face look better.The imprisoned Spirit Profound Sword and the three men and one woman were unable to say anything. Their faces were extremely pale at the moment, and even the masters of the Primordial Alliance had taken action. The consequences would be unimaginable, and maybe they would be beheaded…on this, four People don\’t dare to think about it anymore.On the contrary, Lingxuan Sword was full of guilt and worry. He was most worried about Shanghai, because Shanghai had been taken by the deity in front of him.Sudden!The gods and the four pinnacle gods stopped.Ling Xuan Sword glanced around. This was a hidden place in the ancient capital, surrounded by barren woods, and no one was walking. Are you planning to execute them here?Eighth brother… eldest brother killed you…Ling Xuan Sword gritted his teeth and stared straight at Shanghai, constantly using the power in his body to hit the bondage, hoping to break through the bondage and give Shanghai a chance to escape, but this bondage was placed by the great elder Helian. Even the gods could hardly break open, let alone the Spirit Profound Sword.Seeing that he couldn\’t break free, Lingxuan Jian\’s heart sank even more, and his heart was full of regret. This time, his unwillingness not only harmed the four brothers who were born to death, but also harmed his eighth brother, Shanghai.suddenly!The god in front suddenly shot his hand and slapped Shanghai on the head.Eight brother… Ling Xuan Jian shouted from the bottom of his heart.Three men and one woman couldn\’t help but shudder.But in the next scene, the five people including Lingxuanjian were stunned, and saw that the restraining power on Shanghai was completely shaken away.Wenzong, how offended, I hope to forgive me. The gods smiled and arched his hands.

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