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Otherwise, the vast sea of people, like a drop of water, where to find them, and how can they find themselves?

Chapter 1486 Ancient SealLing Jiang\’s expression became dignified, his eyes suddenly lit up, two blood beams rose up into the sky, his big hand slapped down, and there were endless blood patterns on his palms. The original ancient patterns disappeared, but they were replaced by them. Emperor Wen, time seemed to have stopped in an instant.suddenly!The body of the Scarlet League leader began to squirm, and the astonishing soul power continued to flow, and the ancient patterns all over his body also changed drastically. Under the intersection of these ancient patterns, the blood-colored emperor pattern on the hand that the spirit shot down the minister, unexpectedly Was dispersed.At the same time, the five fingers of the Red Moon League leader\’s right hand joined together and grabbed the Lord Emperor\’s War Halberd.I said, what you use is borrowed power. Even if it is the power of the emperor, you can\’t exert the true emperor\’s might. You were given the opportunity before, but you didn\’t cherish it. Now it\’s too late for you to regret it. Do you also want to compete with me for the items of the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace? The Scarlet Moon League master sneered coldly.Huh…The main imperial weapon halberd trembled violently, and the sharp edges were scraped on the hands of the Scarlet Moon League Lord, trying to break free, but with the red moon alliance lord\’s scream, five fingers tightened, the main imperial weapon war halberd trembled. It gradually calmed down.What about your imperial weapon? You are not a god emperor, how can you fight against me? I will be in charge from now on and give full play to your strength. The Scarlet Moon League Master said to the Lord Emperor\’s War Halberd.chant……The main emperor weapon halberd trembled violently, and finally subsided slowly, and the emperor spirit contained in it seemed to have begun to surrender.Sudden!A powerful attack and killing power came from across the sky, and a shocking thunder blasted towards the right hand of the Scarlet Moon League leader, and in this thunder, it was Shanghai, and he had already mobilized all the power, including Tai Shidi\’s skill, under the extreme urge, exerted a force that surpassed the past.Um?The Scarlet League leader showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, \”I didn\’t expect that there would be a junior who would dare to attack me. It would be a little courageous. If it is on weekdays, with your courage, you can become my disciple. It is a pity that now you It\’s the firefly fighting the fire, get out!\”Accompanied by the word \”roll\”, the vast and immense power burst out and swept across Shanghai. How terrifying is the power of the quasi-god emperor, even the middle heaven of the gods will be shattered a lot, not to mention only a mere six. World-honored Shanghai.It\’s him… that kid…Ling Jiangchen recognized Shanghai, he is naturally no stranger. That day, this son took some holy wine and came to ask about the road to heaven, and this son seemed to be the one who got through the road against the sky, but this kid was too irresponsible. Now, in a vain attempt to seize the main emperor from the hands of the quasi-god emperor, it is really indecent.The death and life of the rest of the people, the minister of the spirit would naturally ignore it, let alone a brave boy who was about to withdraw his gaze. The light from the corner of his eye suddenly noticed that the look of Shanghai was a little strange. .His eyes flickered with excitement, and worry…

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