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He hurriedly fed a healing pill to Li Yan\’s mouth, and then handed him to a Jindan friar who was stunned by the sudden change. Then he looked coldly at Jian Xi, who was approaching and was going to seize the door, and slapped the murderer in front of him.

Do you want me to check it for you? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No, there is no problem. I will enter the secret room for a while and rest. If there is anything, I will send a message to you. Leng Yihang immediately refused.Shanghai no longer speaks much.At this moment, Mu Ningxue and Bi Yuelan\’s two daughters held hands and talked in a low voice, with bursts of pleasant laughter from time to time.Without disturbing the two daughters, Shanghai went straight back to where she lived.I can\’t live without this place for the time being. I\’m afraid it will take more than ten years to leave. Grandpa and others have not been there yet, and the whereabouts of their parents… Shanghai rubbed his forehead, and now he is most worried. It\’s Grandpa and others.When Senior Liao and the others come next time, let them help to inquire and see if they can use the ears and eyes of the Shenmeng to find the whereabouts of Grandpa and others. Shanghai Xin said.After sorting out some thoughts, Shanghai took out the elder token. In addition to having some special functions, this object can also store information like a jade slip, and immediately invested in the elder\’s order. The information stored in the elder\’s order Emerged.These are the two special places that Senior Liao said, the Divine Skill Realm and the Yi Realm. The first one is handed down from the ancient times. Many powerful people have stepped into it and left their own marks in it. , Is an excellent place to practice magical skills, the second state of mind is the place of reincarnation, which is similar to the abyss of reincarnation in the god city of the heavens… Shanghai saw this and thought to himself. stand up.My current realm has reached the level of the sixth world deity. It is quite difficult to go further. The only thing that can be improved is the reincarnation skill. My own reincarnation skill has already controlled five kinds. If the sixth kind can be transformed into If you do, your own combat power will inevitably skyrocket.Naturally, choosing the second mood is inevitable.However, the first divine skill level is also a good place. If you can learn from the many imprints in it, it will be of great benefit to your own practice of the Nine Taishi Forms. Now that Shanghai has mastered the Eight Forms of Taishi, it is lacking. Ninth formula.If the ninth formula can be successfully cultivated in the past ten years, then its own combat power will reach a higher level. No matter how you look at it, these two special places are almost equivalent to tailor-made for Shanghai. Naturally, they cannot Missing these two places.Moreover, not everyone can enter these two places, even the elders have only four places, that is to say, there are not many people who can be qualified to enter.In fact, Shanghai does not know that countless strong people in the League of Gods are staring at these two special places, but those who are eligible to enter, no more than 50 people, will only choose once every ten years, hundreds of millions. The young and strong are competing for twenty places.Afterwards, Shanghai informed Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter and left the residence and went straight to the second mood.Artistic conception!Located above an ancient peak in the League of Gods, the entrance is an ancient bronze gate, surrounded by various peculiar streamers.Token.A cold voice came, and I saw an old man sitting cross-legged at the bronze gate. This man was as thin as firewood, as if his life might be exhausted at any time, but the old man’s dim old eyes contained intimidating The power of heart palpitations is impressively a pinnacle god.

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