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There are few, not none, but very few friars who have been assessed continuously. Friars other than Jian Xi only come to this level for assessment. They are very happy and successful. Although they envy, envy and hate Jane Xi\’s first, the elders didn\’t say that they didn\’t pay too much attention to her success rate, only those failed friars, I saw those trays full of Dan halo from a distance and looked at Jane Xi with envy, but Jane Xi didn\’t care too much.

The main halls of the four imperial palaces located on the three Primordial Beasts and the Golden Armored Giants suddenly opened. The people behind the emperor Shengtianzhi knelt down and even the honorable emperor Shengtianzhi gave a slight ceremony. .Meet the gods of Wuyu. Even the gods saluted respectfully.Gods…All the powerhouses in the distance were shocked, and some of the older generation of powerhouses had their eyes filled with surprise. They stared at the middle-aged man in black in amazement, and their eyes gradually revealed awe.The gods, that is the ultimate of the gods, these characters are almost invincible in the gods level, and only the gods of the same ability can be shaken, like the gods at this level, the gods The strong below the level have no chance to contact at all.In the middle-level days of God’s Domain, the gods are already among the top figures. Everyone has a very lofty identity in the four imperial palaces. Even the heirs of the four imperial palaces have to give three points to these characters. Dare to offend a bit.After all, no one except the gods of the same level can be suppressed.Get up all.The god of no realm nodded slightly, then cast his gaze to the eternal imperial palace not far away, and said with a faint smile: \”Daoist Hunyuan, I haven\’t seen him for many years, and his demeanor is still there.\”Hear the words!Everyone present was shocked, even the god kings were the same, only the emperor Sheng Tianzhi\’s expression remained the same, without the slightest change.When I get old, the Taoist Fellow Wuyu is getting younger and younger. It seems that these years outside the region and in the upper heavens have had a lot of gains. An old voice came from the Eternal Emperor Palace, although it is not big, But it was full of supreme majesty, and only saw a golden robe bald old man incarnate, sitting cross-legged, and there was a trembling atmosphere around him from time to time.Another god…Many powerhouses couldn\’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning, especially for god kings who were not part of the four imperial palaces. The existence of gods brought great pressure to them.There is no gain, it\’s just a little bit of life. Wuyu Divine Venerable replied casually.It\’s been fifty thousand years. It\’s gratifying to see two deceased people. A high and low voice came from a distance, only to see a tall and thin man slowly emerging. There was no aura on his body, but with his appearance, the powerhouses on the side of the Four Great Emperor Palaces and the Primordial Resurrectors, as well as the countless powerhouses below, felt a cold chill all over their bodies.I didn\’t expect it to be Fellow Daoist Cold Soul.Friends of Taoism are here… The two gods seemed a little surprised.Entrusted by others, come to help, but with the three of us and others, it seems to be a bit reluctant to force open the inner layer of this inheritance place. The god named Leng Hun glanced indifferently as he spoke. The place where the Primordial God Emperor inherited at a glance.Since there are not enough three people, add one more.

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