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Yan Song also relaxed because things were properly discussed. He saw Hua linger enter the hall and looked at her like a frightened little rabbit. He was also funny. However, he knew what she thought of her son. After all, the strength of the Hua family is similar to that of his Yan family. Hua linger\’s identity is also a legitimate daughter, which matches Yan Tao. At the same time, it can also make the connection between the Yan Family and the Hua family closer. It\’s just that the child seems to have been afraid of himself. At this time, there\’s nothing left or right. Let\’s see what the child says and relax his nervous tension all night.

This Variety Palace Lord is extremely mysterious in the Temple of Qiantian, and rarely shows up. Among the Palace Lords of the Eighth Palace, the whereabouts are the most erratic, and what is even more incredible is that no one knows Variety. Whether the palace lord is male or female, what does it look like.The Qingyin Palace Master Ji Ya slowly leaned behind and sat in the last position. None of the four major Palace Masters spoke, but sat quietly on one side.Afterwards!People came one after another, all of them were the palace masters of the Fourth House.The Palace Masters of the Eight Palaces gathered together. This was in the Qiantian Temple, and only appeared once in the main hall more than fifty years ago. In the rest of the time, there was almost no chance to see Palace Masters of the Eight Palaces gathered together. Gathered in the third elder hall, what is the matter?suddenly!The eight palace masters who were sitting upright suddenly cast their eyes to the outside of the hall, and even Situ Ding stood up from the first seat.If two Taoist friends can come, Situ Ding\’s elder hall can be said to be brilliant. Situ Ding looked outside with a smile, and the other eight palace masters also stood up.Elder Situ joked.You\’re welcome.I saw two elders appearing in the Temple of Qiantian. Both of them were wearing large robes, covered with quaint lines. When they saw these two elders, the deacons and many young strong men in the elders were even more surprised. , Because these two elders are the two elders of Qiantian Temple.There are only four elders in the entire Qiantian Temple. Now there are two, plus Elder Situ, there are already three, and there are eight palace owners present. These scenes are already quite astonishing. It can be said that removing the temple The Lord and one of the remaining elders and foreigners, almost all the high-levels of the Qiantian Temple gathered here.Afterwards!The two elders sat on the right side of Situ Ding, and a group of people waited quietly. No one spoke, but as time passed, Situ Ding frowned, because the agreed time limit was almost past, and it still failed. See people coming.Elder Yao hasn\’t arrived yet, there should be some things to deal with, do you want to give him a message? The second elder Akabane said slightly.There is no need for voice transmission. Once the agreed time limit has passed, he will be considered as losing.Situ Ding waved his hand. For him, it was the same whether the two came or not. The Foreign Spirit and Shanghai would definitely not be able to escape.A three-year agreement?For Situ Ding, no matter how he looked at the three-year agreement, he had won it. The reason for inviting the two elders and the palace lord of the Eighth House to come was to give a testimony to prevent the other party from repenting.for a long time!

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