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Turning around and looking aside, he didn\’t pay much attention to her Jane Xi. Gao Shuang\’s resentment flashed away.

Seven forces burst out. The power of the two top-level gods at the head immediately covered the surrounding area, and the other five high-level gods were supplemented. The seven forces intertwined and continued to condense and expand. This is to hide the peak of the sun. A special kind of inheritance, called the sun\’s magical skills, is inherited from the ancient times.The special feature of the sun\’s magical skill is that it can unite the power of all the powers who practice this magical skill to burst out a terrifying force like a blazing sun, as if the sun bursts, the power of seven people bombarded out, killing a total of Shanghai.Frozen world!Punch!A punch containing endless chills slammed into the seven powers, and the bronze light on Shanghai\’s right arm soared, spinning back and forth. At the same time, the four powers of reincarnation were intertwined. , Like a mad dragon, sprayed wildly from the body to the right arm.boom……Pushing and decayed, the seven forces were suddenly shattered, and the seven strong men who covered the sun peak flew out, some crashed the nearby tree, and some knocked out a deep pit on the ground, the worst It was two top-tier gods, the bones of both arms and even chest were shattered.ended?Zhu Buluo looked around in a daze. Among the mess on the ground, seven powerful men who covered the sun peak lay on the ground. It\’s hard to believe the scene before me.Since joining Dingtian Peak, Zhu Bushui and the two have almost been through humiliation. The reason why they persisted, apart from the identity of Qiantian Temple powerhouse, is that Dingtian Peak gave them a kind of reluctance to leave. Feeling sentimental, that\’s why they endured it.Over the years, Bianrifeng has been constantly looking for Tianfeng’s troubles. Zhu Buzhu and others have suffered humiliation, but their strength is not as good as others. They can only endure silently, but they have been suppressed in their hearts. The strong man in the masking sun peak was blasted off, and the backlog of grievances that had been accumulated for many years broke out in an instant.You also have today, and you also have today…Zhu Buluo flew over, kicked one of them fiercely, and kept whispering in his mouth. Because of excitement, his whole body trembled. It was so cool. He was insulted by the peak of the sun before, and now he can finally get revenge. NS.Let you bully Qiuqiu.Bailifu was even more ruthless, stepping directly on a guy\’s wound, and then twisting his feet fiercely, that guy\’s expression was distorted with pain.Of course, they can’t hurt the strong man who hides the sun peak anymore. They will suffer at most. Shanghai will naturally not stop it. Judging from the two beating the strong man who hides the sun peak by Zhu Bushui, these two People have suffered a lot in the hands of Mianrifeng.The strong man who hides the sun’s peak, Shanghai handed it to Zhu Busha to solve it. For him, it was just a farce. Qiuqiu, who looked aside, was surprised to find that Qiuqiu\’s head was on the head. I don\’t know when the dent has improved.Qiuqiu\’s eyes are dark and cute, and her original timidity and strangeness have faded a lot. Perhaps because of Shanghai\’s rescue this time, she has also become closer to Shanghai.Shanghai didn’t pay attention to Qiuqiu’s favor, but instead focused his mind on Qiuqiu’s special physique. Immediately, his spiritual thoughts poured into Qiuqiu’s body, and he quickly explored it. The result surprised him. Qiuqiu’s The physique is no different from ordinary people.But!

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