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At this time, Han Xing had pushed away the small table, sat cross legged there and began to exercise Kung Fu and cooperate with the pill to heal the wound.

Shanghai\’s brow furrowed, and his divine thought suddenly out……Divine consciousness instantly blocked the evil thoughts, the latter was blocked, and immediately rushed to divine minds, entangled them, and tried to swallow them, but this divine mind is only possessed by the god king, and Shanghai is in the supreme holy master. The level has already been transformed, and after reaching the level of the third world deity, the power of divine consciousness is far more than a hundred times greater than when it was first transformed.Although this evil idea is strong, it is only the black blood that the evil god has transformed, and there is only a wisp of it, how can it be compared with the divine idea.In a moment, the evil thoughts were immediately suppressed by God\’s thoughts.what?Shanghai Spiritual Mind penetrated evil thoughts, and soon noticed some weird things, \”This is…ancient method of refinement…this evil god will actually be a battle puppet made with an ancient method of refinement…no wonder it feels like this evil god It will not be like an ordinary cultivator.\”Later, Shanghai suddenly understood.The ancient method of refining!It was popular for a while in the ancient times, but because this method was too taboo, it gradually faded away. Only some ancient books will record this ancient method of refining. Shanghai can learn that it is mainly due to the work of Master Huang Wen inherited.In the ancient times, some old monsters who were about to die would sell their bodies to others. Generally, they were sold at the level of the gods. Of course, the things these old monsters obtained would be given to their heirs, and they would die anyway. Now, keeping the body is of little use.And the bodies of these bosses will be bought by some cultivators who know the ancient method of refinement, and then the body of the bosses will be refined into a kind of battle puppets with the remaining fighting instincts.Will possess the strength of 30% to 80% of the original body. As for the degree of refining, it mainly depends on the individual.In the Primordial Era, some powerful ancient gods will refine some battle puppets. These battle puppets are extremely useful. They can help each other in battle and protect their descendants, and even some battle puppets have extremely peculiar effects.With the disappearance of the ancient cultivation method, in this era, people who understand the ancient cultivation method are extremely rare.Shanghai did not expect that the Cthulhu generals carried by these seven evil spirits turned out to be war puppets from the ancient times. It is no wonder that the Cthulhu generals\’ fighting methods are relatively old-fashioned and lack a kind of agility.This Evil King Divine Palace certainly understands the ancient method of refinement, otherwise it would not be able to refine this war puppet that only existed in the ancient times…Shanghai Xin said: \”If there is a chance, if you get the ancient refining method, it is good to find a chance to refine one or two war puppets in the future.\”Fighting puppets have many functions. Of course, the biggest use is to protect the people around you, but Shanghai is just thinking about it. In the future, when you become stronger, you can think of a way.At this time!

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