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\”Wait, sister,\” Jane Xi\’s divine sense looked at the past, \”that\’s ah? That\’s a person.\” Jane Xi\’s voice was also surprised.

The earth trembled suddenly, the cup was already covered on the ground, and the whole of Shanghai was completely enveloped in it.The expressions of Gu Yu and others changed instantly.Haha… Do you think it\’s great that you can circumvent the Law of the City of Everything? It\’s not that you ended up in my hands.Qiu Xin raised his head and laughed wildly. The majesty of the third-rank artifact is far beyond the fourth-rank artifact. Under the impetus, even the gods can be covered, not to mention the only world-class Shanghai.Are your eyes blurred?A voice suddenly rang in Qiu Xin\’s ears, making his smile suddenly stiff, only to see Shanghai had appeared behind him for some time, which made his face instantly pale.How can this be……I clearly saw him being covered inside. Isn\’t it Shanghai that was covered just now, but someone else who didn\’t succeed? Ji Mie and others were surprised.In fact, it is not Shanghai that is shrouded, but a ray of divine consciousness. The divine instrument has no eyes. It can only rely on its own spirituality and perception. With the new ability of hatred, it is impossible to use spiritual consciousness. Distinguish the difference between the incorporeal body transformed by divine mind and Shanghai.Moreover, at the moment of being shrouded, Shanghai had already exhibited its extreme speed, reaching an instantaneous speed of four thousand times the boundary speed. At this speed, even Qiu Xin at the second world noble level could hardly notice how he disappeared. , At most it was vaguely aware of something wrong, but at that time, he was manipulating the cup, so naturally he would not pay attention to it.Feeling the threat of Shanghai behind him, Qiu Xin couldn\’t take care of that much. He immediately burst out with the power of the second world-zun. The vast and endless power was stirred like a nebula. The two are a level of difference, and Qiu Xin is not worried at all. The power of Shanghai\’s attack can break through.But!The ensuing chill made Qiu Xin\’s face pale as paper, and he saw that chill quickly penetrated in, and the divine power of the second world-zun was gradually frozen by this chill. Such a scene made his heart beat wildly. Without even thinking about it, he swept forward.Third grade magical skills!Frozen world!Endless ice crystals emerged, freezing everything around them. Although they were waved out at the level of a world-exalted person, they were full of the extreme state of reincarnation and the true meaning of reincarnation of living beings, as well as the ancient demon sage of Shanghai itself. The physical strength of the body.The power of the third-rank magical skills spurred by these powers has reached an extremely terrifying level. Although Qiu Xin is struggling to resist, he can only watch his magical power and power be completely frozen until his whole body turns into At the moment of the ice crystal, his eyes still showed incredible color.Click!Qiu Xin constantly waved his power to smash the frozen ice crystals, but no matter how much power he waved, the outer layer would be covered with another layer.Shanghai didn\’t look at Qiu Xin anymore, but instead focused on the third-class artifact-the cup.

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