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The carriage is not sitting for the time being. Now the place to go is in the direction of Dahuang sect where Yu Han and her sister are located. She still has the jade slips left by Yu Han to her sister. Jane cherishes the kindness of Han and promises to finish the things that Yu Han has done. Just walking in this direction, she can pass Dahuang sect.

No matter what the reason, Shanghai knows that it can no longer resolve the matter peacefully. If this is the case, it will take action…Just as he was about to leave, his consciousness suddenly became blurred. Shanghai staggered and almost fell to the ground. He quickly stopped. He suddenly felt a cold breath in the sea of ​​knowledge, and this breath was very strange, just like Like a poisonous snake, he is constantly looking for opportunities to invade the sea of ​​knowledge.Gang Consciousness rushed out quickly, but this breath was too weird. Seeing Gang Consciousness attack, she quickly avoided. In a flash, I don’t know where it disappeared. Such strange things appeared in the sea of ​​consciousness, yes. For Shanghai, it was extremely deadly at this time.It feels uncomfortable to be invaded by the knowledge dragon into the sea of ​​knowledge, right?Yiman sneered. At this moment, he had recovered and slowly said: \”Don\’t waste your time. This dragon of knowledge is a foreign object from heaven and earth, and spiritual consciousness can\’t harm it at all. Acquired by the times, it has been raised and passed down to this day. Once this thing invades, it will slowly shred your sea of ​​consciousness and let you taste all the pain in the world…\”Sudden pain came from the head, and the dragon of knowledge reappeared, and this time it was more fierce than the last time. The sea of ​​consciousness was torn apart, which almost caused Shanghai to fall to the ground. The sea of ​​consciousness connected with consciousness. If the sea of ​​consciousness is damaged, consciousness will gradually lose.Once the consciousness is completely lost, then oneself can only be slaughtered…Another burst of pain came, and the dragon sly drilled to the other side, tearing the sea of ​​consciousness a little bit apart again, the view of Shanghai began to dim, and the gang consciousness was constantly mobilized to block it, but the speed of the dragon was too fast. The buzzing disappeared, and it was difficult to catch its trace.Unexpectedly, there is such a strange thing in this world, which can invade into the sea of ​​consciousness, and can also avoid the encirclement and suppression of spiritual consciousness…Seeing Shanghai trembling, Yiman said in a cold voice: \”Don\’t you want to give up? Struggling is just a waste of time, and you can\’t stop it soon.\”Catch it with your hands? Shanghai raised his head slightly, because Shihai was torn apart, his face was full of pain, \”I don\’t care why you want to deal with me like this, but if you want to kill me, I\’m afraid it\’s not as easy as you imagined.\” The voice fell off. , Stepped out abruptly.boom……The world trembled suddenly.Immediately after the space of the million li area was condensed, the mountains burst into pieces, and the power of the accumulation made Yiman\’s heart tremble. After nearly ten thousand years of cultivation, he felt a sense of life and death crisis for the first time. I saw a punch full of terrifying power smashed over.The fists are rapidly magnifying, and the sense of life and death crisis is getting worse.The nameless magical skill, ranked high in the fourth rank, is far superior to all the magical skills of the same quality. Coupled with the power of the extreme reincarnation, the power is even more terrifying, the endless power, just like Hengyu The belt of meteorites is unmatched.block……Seeing that he couldn\’t hide, Yiman held his hands in front of him and blocked the punch firmly, but the power of this punch was terrifying, and it also contained unparalleled physical strength, which directly shook him back again and again, and the rest Upon seeing this, Yixiu rushed over one after another, pressing all his hands behind Yiman\’s back, pouring out his own power.Bang bang bang…Hundreds of alien cultivators were shaken off on the spot, smashing the earth out of deep pits.

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