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Seeing this, the friar surnamed Zong laughed and said, \”it\’s still the first friendly hand\”. Before he could say the word \”Duan\”, he saw that Jane Xi had an unidentified smile on his lips, which suddenly made him proud. He couldn\’t say a word.

Why don\’t you need to belittle yourself? You only used thousands of stars. If all of them are running, it\’s hard to tell the outcome. Shanghai said.This is not a false statement. Ming Yuyan herself is a strong man who has understood the reincarnation of her own creatures, and has reached the level of the reincarnation of the Third World Zun. With her divine power, in the same realm, it is already comparable to the peak of the reincarnation of the Third World Zun. The level of the strong.Coupled with this set of Underworld Battle Armor, if Ming Yuyan is fully launched, it will be enough to contend with the powerful who understands the four worlds\’ reincarnation artistic conception, and the defense of this armor is extremely strong, even if it is Shanghai, if you want to damage it Ming Yuyan also had to make a full shot.Sudden!The entire Divine Bone Palace trembled.Shanghai\’s face was calm, and the two daughters of Mu Ningxue and Ming Yuyan also changed slightly. With the shaking, their hearts were a little flustered, as if something had happened.After a while!The trembling of the Shenbone Palace stopped, coming and going suddenly.At this time!The skeletal elf lying on Mu Ningxue quickly climbed down and quickly swept to the corner. This move caught the attention of Shanghai and the others and immediately followed.I saw the bone spirit jogging to the corner, making gestures on the ground, taking out a one-foot-long bone, and then pressing it on the rock wall, and then that bone was connected with the rest of the bones, accompanied by The strange white light flashed past, and the bones were completely connected together.This… Ming Yuyan looked at this scene in astonishment.Sure enough…Shanghai’s previous doubts were finally resolved. When he came to the Bone Palace, the bone spirit had appeared, and there was an extra bone on the rock wall. He was surprised at that time and had some guesses, but now he saw it. Underneath, it was indeed made by the bone elves.It\’s just that Shanghai doesn\’t understand why the bone elves want to do this? And what\’s the point of doing this? The existence of the Shenbone Palace is becoming more and more confusing.Ningxue, can you communicate with it? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.let me try.After Mu Ningxue finished speaking, she slowly stretched out her jade hand and touched it above the bone elf\’s forehead, followed by a peculiar wave of fluctuations pouring in.Bang…Mu Ningxue was shot out immediately.

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