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\”Sorry, manager Lu, I have a lot of things to do. I can\’t promise this.\” Jane smiled with regret and then left.

To reach their level, no one is a generation of extremely talented people, as long as they are not from the superpowers of the gods, even if the strength between the same level is slightly different, it will not be too large, unless they are just promoted and have been promoted for many years. There will be a big gap.At their level, it is basically impossible to confront the enemy at a higher level. Even if there is, it is the kind of object that will be cultivated as a descendant of the palace owner even if it is placed in the Nanxuan Palace.This son only realized the reincarnation mood of the second worldzun, and he was comparable to the newly promoted third worldzun reincarnation mood. If he had some chances in this battlefield of gods, he would grow up… then this person would be quite terrifying.The most important thing is that this person hasn\’t practiced some high-quality magic skills. If he has practiced, Wu Pei would not be sure to be able to capture them. However, these are just assumptions. There is no assumption in the world of cultivators. Yes, unless Shanghai can leave alive and grow up, it will undoubtedly die.Boy, your potential is so terrible. I have already had an affair with you. If you don’t die, you will come to seek revenge for me in the future. With your potential, I think I’m not as good as you, so you must die. I don’t want a terrible one in the future. The enemy is here to seek revenge… Wu Peck\’s hazy eyes revealed a strong killing intent.Chapter 0983Quack!Wupek\’s head-up monster screamed. The sound was not loud, but it contained weirdness. The void in front of him continued to collapse, and then his hands kept pinching the complicated printing techniques. With each pinch, the ten fingers of both hands became black. At the end, it was as black as ink, and the blue veins on both arms were constantly emerging.The weird aura kept gathering on Wupei, his face became more and more ferocious, and the divine power that was gushing out endlessly poured into his hands. When he reached the back, his face was already a little pale, showing how much consumption it was. NS.Shanghai was keenly aware of the crisis of death, and his heart suddenly tightened. Although he didn\’t know what magical skill he used, his power was absolutely terrifying, because his soul began to tremble. It is very likely that he could not stop it. trick.Subconsciously opened the Tiangang Ring, there is still a third of the ancient wild beast bloodline in it, which is enough for him to re-initialize the ancient demon sacred body, plus his own ability, have a certain chance to kill the witch peck, this is His biggest hole card will not be used until the moment of life and death crisis.Being able to die under Nanxuan Palace\’s highest divine ability, you will have no regrets in this life… this is the fifth-rank mid-rank divine ability-Nine Curses Soul Destruction Technique.Wu Peck grinned, and slowly opened his hands. His extremely black arms were like demon claws sticking out from hell.In an instant!The void was sinking, and the sound of ghost crying and wolf howling came out from various places, each with a heart-piercing feeling, as it was flying by Shanghai, the skin on the body suddenly cracked inexplicably, blood spurted out, and it seemed to be in the dark. A terrible force was tearing at his body.This was just the beginning. As Wu Pei\’s hands opened wider and wider, the wound on Shanghai\’s body became larger and larger, and even the flesh and blood was torn apart.It must be used…Shanghai\’s cheeks twitched, and now it\’s a matter of life and death, and it may be completely shredded if it is not used.Your physique and tyrannical level is beyond my expectation… Wu Pei looked at Shanghai, which was only torn to pieces, in shock. You must know that his trick was to kill a powerful man of the same level with a million small worlds. , And the other party just persisted for less than one breath, and it was completely broken.But Shanghai actually persisted for three breaths, and only the flesh was torn apart, and the bones hadn\’t begun to shatter, showing how powerful his physique was.

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