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There is also a special variety of vegetables and seasoning plants, as well as the LingMi seeds purchased by Jian Xi in Yanbi City, including white LingMi, cyan LingMi and purple LingMi. The darker the color, the stronger the spirit. Purple rice is the best LingMi.

From here in Shanghai, Lu Dao also roughly understands the changes in this era. Compared with the ancient times, earth-shaking changes have now taken place.The spirit world is destroyed…Lu Dao trembled slightly, closed his eyes helplessly, and opened them again for a long time. His eyes were full of vicissitudes and helplessness, as well as deep regrets. After all, he was born in the spiritual world, and what he hopes most is to see the prosperity of the spiritual world. But didn\’t think about itTo the spirit world has been destroyed.Senior, what happened in the Primordial Era? Shanghai couldn\’t help raising his doubts. In the Primordial Era, the spiritual world was at the same level as the God\’s Realm. The region was vast and the whole world was completely destroyed. Unimaginable events must have occurred in the Primordial Era.I don\’t know. Lu Dao shook his head slightly, and said: \”When the drastic changes happened, I have already stepped into the ancient path. I don\’t know what happened later. According to my guess, it may be related to the ancient gods. The devil has a lot to do with it.\”Ancient Gods and Demons…Shanghai is slightly startled.He has already seen it in ancient books. The ancient gods and demons are not the same as the ancient gods. The former is extremely unique and possesses the ability comparable to the ancient gods, but it is different. In the ancient times, it was said to be as powerful as the ancient gods. Creatures.Ancient books have said that in the Primordial Era, the ancient gods and demons and the ancient gods have been fighting for many ages.Could it be that the destruction of the spirit world was caused by the battle between the ancient gods and the ancient gods? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Not necessarily, the ancient gods and demons have already fallen into decline in my age, and at that time three thousand great clans emerged. The ancient gods controlled the gods and the spirit world. There would be no big battle at all. Even if it was a big battle, it would not happen. As a result, the spiritual world is completely destroyed and the laws of heaven and earth are lost.Lu Dao shook his head, \”Fine, anyway, the facts are already established, and it\’s useless to trace the roots, but with my current situation and ability, how can I understand it.\”Yes! Shanghai nodded.It is an indisputable fact that the spiritual world is completely destroyed, and it is of little use to investigate it, and it has been tens of thousands of years.suddenly!A small voice came from Diyin Ancient Road.Shanghai and Lu Dao turned around at the same time and looked at the front with solemn eyes. They saw the Diyin Ancient Road ahead. I don’t know when there were six three-foot-high bodies, each muscle was like a divine weapon, glowing with a special look. Luster, just by looking at it, you can feel the terrifying power contained in this body.Descendants of ancient gods… Be careful, little friends, they are descendants of ancient barbaric gods, but these six human bodies are full and complete, I am afraid that they are comparable to the seventh world\’s reincarnation mood. Don\’t confront them, these six human bodies are extremely powerful… Lu Dao quickly reminded that he is a ray of soul, as long as it is not something that damages the soul, it can hardly hurt him.Without Lu Dao\’s reminder, Shanghai can feel the horrible powers of these six descendants of ancient barbarians. Compared with Mu Xingzong\’s top powerhouse in the past, Mu Xing can\’t do much. There are six.

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