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What about killing him?

boom……A black divine hand stretched down like a giant pillar of Optimus Sky, wherever it passed, the void was shattered, and the Haotian Divine Peak, which was left over from ancient times, suddenly collapsed under the mighty power of the sky. The top powerhouses of the Four Clan Alliance flew up one after another, looking at the big hands that swept down one by one in shock.In the face of this hand, everyone had an invincible thought. As long as it was rubbed by it, there was absolutely no life.Boom boom boom…The black god hand grabbed it, and the five god punishmentrs saw that they couldn\’t run away. They gritted their teeth desperately to wield all their god power, trying to stop this black god hand, and a wave of unparalleled power rushed out and hit the black god hand, but But like a mud cow entering the sea, it has no effect at all.Suffocation of the Rolling Cover Pro.Snapped!The five god-punishers were shot to pieces on the spot.When seeing this scene, all their faces were pale, and they were in cold sweats. Even Xuanji, who had reached the pinnacle of the Great Wilder World, could not help but feel desperate. The five divine punishments were directly beaten to pieces, these five people. Any one of them possesses the abilities comparable to the top powerhouses of the four races alliance, but now they are crushed like ants, and the gap between the two has reached an unattainable level.Shanghai!The face of the gods appeared, looking directly at the flying Shanghai below, \”You really are her illegitimate son…Kill my son, even if it is her son, you have to die.\” While speaking, the black god hand fell again and grabbed it. To the flying by Shanghai.The black magic hand seems to be slow, but in fact it is almost at its extreme. In a flash, it has reached a hundred meters behind Shanghai.Desperately plundering Shanghai, seeing the black god hand falling, the crisis of death emerged. Facing this black god hand is like facing the entire world. No matter how strong the manpower is, it is difficult to compete with the world. The gap between the two is more than just a gap in realm.Can\’t resist…Even if Shanghai has the unyielding indomitability that ordinary people can hardly reach, it can\’t help but despair, like an ant facing an unreachable huge mountain, the gap between the two is simply worlds apart.This death crisis was not the first time. Shanghai quickly put away the despair in his heart. He knew very well that he had to fight for himself. Frustration and despair were useless. No one would help him, only him. Go for it yourself.boom……The evil spirit spear twitched out. Under the extreme crisis and pressure, Shanghai\’s mind and body perfectly blended together. At that moment, he entered a special self secret realm, waved back and stabbed the evil spirit spear. The power of the nameless magic skills was urged to the out……Hongmang rose into the sky and hit the big black hand directly.

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