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Who is Ming Bufan? It was a peerless genius who had been rare in the Underworld clan for 100,000 years, one thousand and two hundred years ago, and possessed the same sub-god aptitude. Such a character had already been predetermined as one of the candidates who might hit the top position.

not good……The child\’s expression changed drastically. When he reacted, the light had penetrated his chest, and there was a sound of bone and blood bursting from behind his head. Before he could scream, the sea of ​​consciousness burst open, the main soul It\’s like being penetrated by a sharp thorn.The third brother… the elder brother roared.Second, quit, give up the assessment…Jin Youqian\’s roar came. At this moment, his eyes were red, and he stared at Shanghai with extremely resentful eyes. If he could, he wished to smash Shanghai into pieces on the spot.Hearing these words, the older boy gritted his teeth, gave Shanghai angrily, and quickly gave up fighting the illusion. As he gave up resisting, his body was severely shaken by some kind of force, and he ejected outwards. Out, obviously he was eliminated.Do you think you can run away if you are eliminated?A nightmare sound rang in this child’s ears, and he shuddered. The moment he saw Shanghai ten feet in front of him, he seemed to have fallen into an endless ice cellar. He wanted to resist, but was eliminated. The power is limited.What made him even more desperate was that Shanghai was not limited by the force of elimination, and was caught in one hand.Click…There was a sound of blood bursting.Do not……The child roared in panic. At the same time, a cold thorn penetrated into his sea of ​​consciousness. Seeing that the main soul was about to be pierced, the elimination force suddenly pulled him out. In an instant, He felt that it was so beautiful to have consciousness. The moment he glanced at Shanghai from the corner of his eye, he quickly retracted his gaze, his eyes full of extreme fear.Click!This child of the Golden God clan fell to the ground, but his eyes remained hollow. His eyes were full of fear. He was abandoned, but it was worse than the extremely brother. Every night in the future, there will be a dream A figure emerged, making him have the same nightmare day and night, which will never disappear…Except for the masked men of the Golden God clan, who became seeded players, the other eight people were all lost without accident. Five of them were completely abolished, almost equal to the annihilation of the entire army. For the Golden God clan, this result , Is simply a disaster.puff……Jin Youqian surged against the blood and sprayed all over the ground. His short and chubby figure was slightly soft and almost fell to the ground. Everyone of the Jinshen clan looked very gloomy, and the young children were not even atmospheric. Dare to say a word.At this time!There was a loud cheering from Lingshen\’s line.

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